Triple Brie Melt

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Eat St.
Courtesy of: Eat St.

At New York City’s Gorilla Cheese truck, their cheesy sandwiches stretch almost as long as the line-ups and customers go ape for their Triple Cream Brie and Smoked Gouda sammies.

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Directions for: Triple Brie Melt


2 slices white French bread (thick slices)

2 1/4" slices of triple crème Brie

4 slices prosciutto (thin slices)

1 Tbsp strawberry preserve (generous Tbsp)



1. Lay the sliced brie on both sides of sliced white French loaf, then spread a layer strawberry preserves and add thinly sliced Prosciutto.

2. Brush with butter and cook in a Panini press for 3 minutes or until golden brown.

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