Mexican food is versatile and delicious, and it’s always fun to
go out for it. But if you’re reining in your budget, or simply
can’t find a decent Mexican dine-in or takeout joint in your
neighbourhood – and don’t want to resort to Taco Bell – check out
these tips on Mexican restaurant style cooking at home. Ole!

Getting Started

The basic condiments you’ll need for Mexican meals are salsa,
guacamole, and sour cream. You can buy these at the store, or make
your own.



Also on your shopping list:

– Corn tortillas or corn chips

– Refried beans

– Cheese

– Jalapeno peppers (pickled or fresh)

– Salsa verde

– Tomatillos

– Chipotle peppers packed in oil.

– Cumin

– Coriander

– Chili powder blend

– Lime

– Garlic

Dialing it In

Start with Seven-Layer Dip or this flavourful Mexican

Then move on to the main. Quesadillas are quintessential Mexican cuisine
– and they’re also easy to put together, great for kids, and packed
with a variety of nutritious ingredients. These ones feature
roasted veggies so they’re a little more complicated.

But these ones are easy, and also have bacon in them (But that
can be omitted for a vegetarian version, as with any Mexican
recipe). This kid-friendly quesadilla is layered and
attractive and and this mango and brie quesadilla boasts adult flavours
and this one has shrimp inside, and lots of tangy spice.

When one thinks of Mexican food, tacos
can’t be far behind. These tacos
can also be made into a taco salad. These tacos are made in the
authentic Mexican style. And these tacos
are ready faster than a delivery person could get to your

Craving sizzle? Cook up Spicy Steak
Soft Tacos
on the grill or a batch of Sizzling
Steak Fajitas
. Turkey Soft Tacos are easy and healthy.

Or, if you’re in the mood for a change, try these Shredded
Pork Tamales
(tamales are similar to empanadas, and consist of
seasoned meat in a pastry wrapper. These ones are cooked in corn
husks, too).

Another Mexican cuisine staple is Mole
, which is rich, spicy, and chocolate-inspired. As a side,
try Papas
Con Chorizo
– potatoes cooked with sausage.

If you feel like chili, pair these Corn
with a bowl of this.

Whatever you decide to serve, also make a batch of rice with
beans, corn, and chili powder seasoning, and a Mexican-style salad.

Little Extras

Especially if your meal is spicy, you’ll want lots of liquids on
hand. Mix up a pitcher of Sangria
or, for a modern twist on the classic Margarita, try a Pomegranate

For a decadent close to your Mexican feast, bake a Mexican
Chocolate Cake
or Cinnamon Profiteroles. If the grill is still
hot, try this decadent dessert burrito made with chocolate and grilled