One of our favourite parts of the holidays is the gift giving—there’s nothing quite as satisfying as finding the perfect little treat for that special someone and handing it to them “just because.”

Even better? When you can handcraft that gift yourself, adding a dash of personalized love to the package.

That’s what makes these foodie gift ideas from Anna Olson so awesome. Whether you’re gifting the gift of food this season or are simply looking for a few cool host/hostess gifts to dole out at your scheduled soirees, any of these unique ideas will certainly do the trick.

Hot Cocoa Mix

What better way to warm someone’s heart over the holidays than with some thick and rich hot cocoa to go? Anna uses three ingredients for an indulgent chocolate base, then wraps these thoughtful gifts up with some marshmallows, a candy-filled ornament and a pretty little bow. It’s like giving a warm hug.


Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who doesn’t love freshly baked cookies, especially during the holidays—a classic time of indulgence? Anna has assembled elegant layers of dry mix, chocolate chips, cranberries and oats in a pretty little mason jar, making for the cutest (and most delicious) homemade gifts on the block. The only thing missing is a fresh glass of milk.


Santa’s Choice Granola

Homemade granola is pure bliss in a bowl, but how often do we actually take the time to whip up a batch of the stuff? Not often enough, we say. This particular concoction is hearty and rich, not to mention it smells like a fresh batch of cookies. Parcel some up for a unique gift from the kitchen this holiday season, and watch it get devoured before your very eyes.


Sweet Popcorn Blends

Snacks are the official fuel of the holidays, and popcorn is pretty much our go-to healthy(ish) snack of choice. So why not sweeten up a friend’s day with these pretty parcels of homemade sweet popcorn blends a la Anna? There’s a white chocolate and cranberry concoction; some classic s’mores popcorn with melted milk chocolate; and the ultimate indulgence, dark chocolate popcorn with a sprinkling of sea salt. On second thought, we may just have to save this gift for ourselves.


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