Big Food Bucket List

Big Food Bucket List

Big Food Bucket List - Episode Guide

Season 2

  • Taco Walk on the Wild Side
    Taco Walk on the Wild Side

    Episode 26 - Season 2 - March 13, 2021

    John gets a first-hand lesson in charcoal grilling and checks ultra-juicy, braised lamb barbacoa tacos off his bucket list in Calgary, AB. John visits Toronto, ON’s new favourite restaurant for a lesson in fresh noodle making and a taste of the best pork wontons you’ve ever had. Next, John heads to Abbotsford, BC, home to a spot that’s making incredible farm-to-table plates including a mile-high, double-thick pork chop that’ll have you drooling!

  • Soup's On
    Soup's On

    Episode 25 - Season 2 - March 6, 2021

    John visits the Surrey, BC restaurant that’s attracting customers from all over for a lesson in making authentically delicious Afghan favourites like their chicken kebab. Then it’s off to Toronto, ON to twirl a fork in some absolutely wild green spaghetti at an Italian spot doing things tastily different. In Edmonton, AB, John gets into the French state of mind and digs his teeth into an ooey gooey, super-stacked ham and cheese sandwich like you’ve never seen before.

  • A Hopeless Ramen-tic
    A Hopeless Ramen-tic

    Episode 24 - Season 2 - February 27, 2021

    John’s en route to Calgary, AB for ramen so amazing people line up all day for these flavour packed bowls. Slurp your heart out! In Kamloops, BC, John checks a super-stacked pizza off his bucket list with an amazing crust that’s guaranteed not to flop. Next, it’s on to Toronto, ON for what just might be the single most perfect cheeseburger you’ve ever sunk your teeth into – and John learns what makes it so freakin' good!

  • You're Waffle Cute
    You're Waffle Cute

    Episode 23 - Season 2 - February 20, 2021

    John’s Okanagan-bound for a unique brunch experience in Kelowna, BC to try an incredible peanut butter and scrambled egg combo. Then John jets off to Edmonton, AB to get a taste of a totally twisted delicacy – hand-made pretzels topped with spicy scallion and cheesy mozzarella. After, John beelines for tacos at this awesome Toronto, ON spot making the best authentic fish tacos around, including their original recipe homemade tortillas.

  • Pizza My Heart
    Pizza My Heart

    Episode 22 - Season 2 - February 13, 2021

    John heads off the beaten path for a taste of the best Black Forest donuts you’ve ever had in the charming town of Beaumont, AB. Then it’s off to cozy Kamloops, BC for a mouth-watering tour of some uniquely BC plates like elk meatloaf and juicy fried game hen. Next, John’s in the big city of Toronto, ON to get the low-down on some award-winning pizzas coveted for their incredibly addictive white sauce.

  • The Cluck is Ticking
    The Cluck is Ticking

    Episode 21 - Season 2 - February 6, 2021

    In Kelowna, BC, John gets a lesson in deliciously different flavour combos like nori-wrapped halibut, all made from local Okanagan ingredients. Next, he heads to Toronto, ON to dive headfirst into the most authentically tasty, seafood-packed paella this side of the Atlantic Ocean. Then it’s on to the best in the west for mouth-watering fried chicken! This temple of perfect fried chicken is a must-visit in Calgary, AB.

  • Fries With That?
    Fries With That?

    Episode 15 - Season 2 - January 30, 2021

    John takes a journey to the heart of Canada to taste the magic of Saskatoon, SK’s Asian fusion revolution and discover the inspiration behind creations like kung pao chicken on a waffle. After that, it’s off to Seattle, WA to live ‘la vie en rose’ and dip his spoon into some seriously stunning French cuisine made by the Northwest’s favourite chef. Next, John jets to Charlottetown, PEI for a Maritime taste sensation in the form of poutine topped with fresh Atlantic lobster – it might be the most Canadian dish of all time!

  • Steak Your Claim
    Steak Your Claim

    Episode 19 - Season 2 - January 23, 2021

    John travels back in time to check the ultimate retro Las Vegas, NV steakhouse experience off his bucket list and dig into the biggest chocolate chip cookie you’ll ever see. Then John gets a sneak peek into Vancouver, BC’s coolest Italian joint for a taste of fresh, bright green handmade pasta. Finally, John heads down south to Savannah, GA to get schooled on how to make the biggest, most drool-worthy, barbecued brisket that’ll have you winning every award on the block.

  • You Batter Believe It
    You Batter Believe It

    Episode 16 - Season 2 - January 16, 2021

    John checks the palace of pancakes off his bucket list in Edgewater, NJ and gets cozy with a mouthwatering savoury fried chicken and cheddar stack. Next, he makes a splash with his very own bowl of North Rustico, PEI’s favourite seafood chowder. Afterward, John meets the chef who is championing Indigenous food in Winnipeg, MB, starting with the drool-worthy butternut squash bannock pizza.

  • Raising the Steaks
    Raising the Steaks

    Episode 20 - Season 2 - January 16, 2021

    John heads to Phoenix, AZ’s best BBQ spot for some eye-popping, king-sized beef ribs that make him fall in love – and for dessert – a uniquely amazing pecan pie made inside the BBQ smoker! Afterwards, John heads to a culinary party in Miami, FL where he learns that you don’t have to choose between French fries or pizza because you can have a super-stacked, mind-blowing mouthful of both. Then John dives into the heart of soul food in Savannah, GA, and discovers how they make the best peach cobbler in the Peach State.

  • So-fish-ticated

    Episode 18 - Season 2 - January 9, 2021

    John jets to sunny Miami, FL for a bucket-list worthy Puerto Rican feast, where he’s introduced to the mighty mofongo: a delicious mountain of mashed plantain stuffed with super fresh shrimp. Then John heads to Tucson, AZ to meet the family behind the iconic Tex-Mex masterpiece that is the chimichanga and learn the secret behind these crispy, golden brown snacks. Finally, John sinks his teeth into classic West coast fish and chips with a spicy, masala-laden Indian twist in Victoria, BC.

  • Gnocchi Me, Gnocchi You
    Gnocchi Me, Gnocchi You

    Episode 17 - Season 2 - January 9, 2021

    John dives headfirst into the Italian combination of his dreams in Pittsburgh, PA: fluffy homemade gnocchi swimming inside a saucy Sorrentina-style bread bowl! Next up, John heads to Miami, FL to taste the addictive Cuban finger food that’s all the rage: Croquetas. Then John spends an unforgettable day in Montréal, QC learning the art of poutine from the master of Québecois cuisine himself.

  • Lucky Benny
    Lucky Benny

    Episode 14 - Season 2 - October 24, 2020

    John heads to the brunch-crazy city of Victoria, BC to taste-test the indulgent, super stacked duck confit waffle that has everyone talking. Next, he learns all about Haitian cuisine at one of Montréal, QC’s coolest restaurants and digs his fork into authentic, juicy griot. Then John travels to the heart of the sunshine state to chow down on a mind-blowing creation: a mile-high deep fried lasagna sandwich absolutely oozing with creamy homemade ricotta cheese, in Orlando, FL.

  • Drop Me A Lime
    Drop Me A Lime

    Episode 13 - Season 2 - October 24, 2020

    John jets to Toronto, ON to study the art of Royal Thai cuisine – and tries an eye-popping blue dumpling fit for a king. Afterwards John heads down to Marathon, FL to try a twist on the state’s most famous dessert – a tangy key lime pie, deep fried! In Phoenix, AZ, John gets a chance to try a tasty Mexican snack that’s about to be the biggest food trend of the year – addictively tasty gorditas stuffed with tender shredded beef.

  • You Guac My World
    You Guac My World

    Episode 12 - Season 2 - October 17, 2020

    John checks award winning Mexican food – like decadent goat cheese guacamole – off his bucket list in Cleveland, OH, then he heads out West for a taste of Vancouver, BC’s ultimate culinary mash up – Japanese hot dogs stacked with shrimp tempura and dried nori. Next up, a trip to Ottawa, ON to meet up with the master of pasta and get schooled on how to make wild black squid ink noodles.

  • Endless Pasta-bilities
    Endless Pasta-bilities

    Episode 11 - Season 2 - October 17, 2020

    John goes west to Vancouver, BC to try some unusual and intriguing Chinese plates that quickly become new favourites. Then he’s off to Saskatoon, SK to check out the greatest in pasta and use his skill to roll out artisanal meatballs. From there, John heads to Cleveland, OH for the latest and greatest in wild and crazy hot dogs, including a winning take on a local favourite.

  • Donut Forget About Me
    Donut Forget About Me

    Episode 10 - Season 2 - October 10, 2020

    John heads to Toronto, ON to devour the most decadent cheese we’ve ever laid our eyes on: ricotta inside a ball of mozzarella topped with truffle shavings! Next up, he heads south of the border to make a pilgrimage to Detroit, MI’s best restaurant – a trendy Vietnamese spot where the chef gives John a wok-cooking lesson he’ll never forget. Finally, John visits Edgewater, NJ to check a mind-blowing burger tucked inside a glazed doughnut off his bucket list.

  • Get Me Wonton More
    Get Me Wonton More

    Episode 9 - Season 2 - October 10, 2020

    John touches down in Toronto, ON, for a crash course in making Hakka wontons – and learns the story behind these family recipe dumplings. After that, John gets ultra-local and tops ultra-thin crust pizzas with veggies fresh from the chef’s rooftop garden in Pittsburgh, PA. Next, John has the ultimate bucket list soda fountain experience in Brooklyn, NY and tastes an authentic New York egg cream!

  • You Taco to Me?
    You Taco to Me?

    Episode 8 - Season 2 - October 3, 2020

    John gets dark and checks an eye-popping boar burger with a pitch-black bun off his bucket list in Halifax, NS. Next up, John travels to New York City, NY to eat some one-of-a-kind Thai cuisine and get the lowdown on how to cook the perfect fried rice. Then, John heads to Saskatoon, SK to learn how to make perogies from the master himself!

  • Stand By Meat
    Stand By Meat

    Episode 7 - Season 2 - October 3, 2020

    John travels to Brooklyn, NY to learn the art of the apple-topped “grandma pizza” from the maestro himself. Then John heads to the East coast to taste-test what happens when you combine wings and dumplings in Halifax, NS. Next, John gets fancy at one of Toronto’s oldest steakhouses, where he learns how to create the perfect steak sear.

  • Don't Crab My Style
    Don't Crab My Style

    Episode 6 - Season 2 - September 26, 2020

    In New York City, NY, John digs into some seriously delicious flavoured seafood creations at the tiny spot feeding Caribbean flavour to the Big Apple – starting with a wild crab and shrimp steampot. Next, John embraces his Russian side in Portland, OR with a lesson in making the perfect Pelmeni. Then it’s on to Charlottetown, PEI for a surf-side treat in the form of creamy gelato made from local blackberries and honey – let’s get lickin’!

  • May The Fork Be With You
    May The Fork Be With You

    Episode 5 - Season 2 - September 26, 2020

    John jets down to the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida to sink his teeth into some deliciously mythical dishes for the ultimate Star Wars culinary experience – from lightsabers to light speed, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is sure to blow your mind. Next, John takes himself out for dinner at Toronto, ON’s favourite burger joint to chow down on an eye-popping, jaw-dropping green burger. Afterwards, John sinks his teeth into Tucson, AZ’s most mouth-watering Mexican fare – including ultra delish guacamole and addictively delicious tacos that you won’t believe are completely vegetarian! 

  • In Pizza We Crust
    In Pizza We Crust

    Episode 4 - Season 2 - September 19, 2020

    John’s first stop is the pizza-obsessed city of Toronto, ON where he’s getting in on one of the country’s best Detroit-style pie topped with mushrooms and truffle oil. Next, John travels to Portland, OR to learn the secrets of genius-level sushi like you’ve never seen it before and sink his teeth into the freshest fish in the Pacific Northwest. Afterwards, John’s belly up to the deep fryer, cozying up to some truly top-notch fried chicken sandwiches in Winnipeg, MB.

  • All in a Donut's Work
    All in a Donut's Work

    Episode 3 - Season 2 - September 19, 2020

    John gets down to business at an off the charts awesome diner in Toronto, ON, learning what goes into what we think is the best donut in the city. Then it’s off to Lunenburg, NS to dine by the seaside and try a taste of some huge, ocean-fresh Nova Scotia scallops. Finally, John skips into Seattle, OR’s cutest pint-sized restaurant for some larger-than-life Japanese flavours – believe us, this soba is so-ba delicious!

  • PB and John
    PB and John

    Episode 2 - Season 2 - September 12, 2020

    John touches down in Regina, SK to try Saskatchewan’s take on sushi with the pork belly press. Then in Portland, OR, he’s trying something new with a spicy twist on the classic peanut butter sandwich that knocks his socks off. Finally, John rolls up his sleeves and checks stacked n’ smoky BBQ off his bucket list in Toronto, ON.

  • Love You A Latke
    Love You A Latke

    Episode 1 - Season 2 - September 12, 2020

    John dives into the menu of Montréal, QC’s favourite brunch spot to devour some mind blowing sky-high pancakes and discovers just why this new-school Jewish deli is taking the city by storm. Next up, John checks perfect, eye-popping green falafel off his bucket list in Victoria, BC and gets introduced to Sabich, the middle eastern snack that’s about to replace shawarma as your new favourite eat. Then, John dives into everything seafood at an incredible institution known for serving the freshest fish – including a crispy fried fish sandwich with the tail still attached in Miami, FL.

Season 1

  • Tiki Time
    Tiki Time

    Episode 14 - Season 1 - July 5, 2019

    John’s first stop is the tiki-crazy San Diego, Calif. where he’s looking for a bucket list worthy island feast with everything from snack-able baos to ocean-fresh poke bowls. Next, John travels to Halifax, N.S., the place where donair was born, to learn everything about the city’s official food, and to and learn the secret of their legendary, tangy-sweet donair sauce. Afterwards, John heads to Toronto, Ont. to sink his teeth into authentic Jamaican ackee and saltfish and learns his way around the jerk pit, finding out what it takes to make the most drool-worthy jerk chicken in the city.

  • Feast like a King
    Feast like a King

    Episode 13 - Season 1 - July 5, 2019

    John makes a pilgrimage to Canada’s best fish and chip spot in Dartmouth, N.S., to taste the magic firsthand and learn what makes these flaky haddock filets so incredibly good. After that, it’s off to Montreal Que., where John parties like its 1599 while partaking in a decadent medieval feast of wild boar, where no forks are allowed. Next, John jets to Los Angeles, Calif. to eat the wild fusion Chinese comfort food that’s taken the city by storm; jumbo cheeseburger dumplings.

  • Don't be Shelfish
    Don't be Shelfish

    Episode 12 - Season 1 - June 28, 2019

    In Dartmouth, N.S., John chows down on a signature ‘crobster’ roll made from mountains of crab and lobster meat, as well as one of Nova Scotia’s most appetizing export – big juicy Digby scallops. Next, he tries the biggest pizza slice you’ve ever seen, and learns exactly how it’s made in Scarborough, Ont. Then it’s onto Louisiana, where John chows down on authentic Creole cuisine made by the plate-lunch princess herself in the heart of the Acadiana region of Louisiana.

  • Say Cheese
    Say Cheese

    Episode 11 - Season 1 - June 28, 2019

    John checks the addictive, Instagram-famous spaghetti grilled cheese off his bucket list, and learns what inspired the invention of this wild sandwich in Irvine, Calif. Then it’s off to New Orleans, La. to try a taste of Beyoncé’s favourite fried chicken, and get a peek inside their top-secret kitchen. Finally, John ventures into rural Nova Scotia to try out an authentic sugar shack known to have the best pancakes in all of Canada.

  • The Whole Enchilada
    The Whole Enchilada

    Episode 10 - Season 1 - June 21, 2019

    John gets stoked on stacked bacon cheeseburgers at San Diego, Calif.’s favourite post-surf snack spot, and learns how to build the mythical “onion castle”. Next, he experiences a culinary revolution with the chef who is the mastermind behind the 100-mile menu in Vancouver, B.C. before meeting the enchilada queen herself in Houston, Texas and checking the best of tex-mex off his bucket list.

  • Crazy for Crawfish
    Crazy for Crawfish

    Episode 9 - Season 1 - June 21, 2019

    John checks high-class Louisiana brunch off his bucket list, at the birthplace of bananas foster in New Orleans, La. John then travels to Calgary, Atla. to eat the absolute best Albertan beef and to get  the lowdown on how to cook the perfect prime rib. Then John tries the hottest culinary craze of this year, Viet-Cajun cuisine in Houston, Texas made by the master who started it all.

  • For the Love of Brunch
    For the Love of Brunch

    Episode 7 - Season 1 - June 14, 2019

    John taste-tests a hot pink beet hollandaise sauce, and checks the deliciously decadent brunch of his dreams off his bucket list in Calgary, Alta. Then John travels down south to learn how to make perfect smoked meat from a pitmaster who is reinventing turkey in St Louis, Miss. Next, John spends an unforgettable day at an apple orchard farm in Caledon, Ont. learning how to use apples in everything from steak sandwiches to cauliflower wings.

  • Lambshank Redemption
    Lambshank Redemption

    Episode 8 - Season 1 - June 14, 2019

    John tucks into the juiciest, most authentically southern fried chicken north of the border in Whitby, Ont., and learns all about “meat and three” – the classic southern style plate with mouth-watering side dishes. After that, John feasts on a dizzying array of incredible East Indian food in Calgary, Alta., including an enormous lamb shank fit for a king. Next, John has the ultimate bucket list hot dog experience in Houston, Texas complete withevery wild and wonderful topping you can imagine.

  • Must Love Ribs
    Must Love Ribs

    Episode 6 - Season 1 - June 7, 2019

    John heads to the birthplace of North American izakaya in Vancouver, B.C. to experience an authentic Japanese pub feast before traveling to the heart of barbeque country to chow down on the best ribs and smoked meats that St Louis, Miss. has to offer. Finally, John visits Philadelphia, Pa to check their famous meat pies off his bucket list.

  • It's a Wonderful Bite
    It's a Wonderful Bite

    Episode 5 - Season 1 - June 7, 2019

    John devours a mind-blowing fried bologna sandwich and collard green melt at a New Orleans, La. joint that’s turning sandwiches into an art form. Then he’s off to Vancouver B.C. to check out their ultra-fresh, farm-to-table seafood and some hand-rolled pasta perfection. From there, John heads to Hamilton Ont. to get out of his comfort zone at an incredibly unique meat-centric restaurant complete with stuffed chicken wings and sweetbread tacos.

  • To Lobster with Love
    To Lobster with Love

    Episode 4 - Season 1 - May 31, 2019

    John travels to Noank, Conn. to check New England’s tastiest hot lobster roll off his bucket list. Next, John devours a mouth-watering Kamayan feast of crunchy pork belly and chicken adobo in Toronto, Ont. Then it’s off to Cambridge, Mass., where John chows down on the uber-cool steak and potatoes of the future and taste-tests an exotic sea urchin panna cotta.

  • Soup-erman

    Episode 3 - Season 1 - May 31, 2019

    Up first, John digs into some crazy delicious, super-stacked burgers and gargantuan milkshakes in Hamilton, Ont. Next, he heads down south for a taste of the ultimate southern comfort food: shrimp and grits in Louisville, Ky. On his next stop, John travels to Vancouver, B.C. to learn from the master and get schooled on the tastiest pan-Asian soups.

  • More Than Meats the Eye
    More Than Meats the Eye

    Episode 2 - Season 1 - May 24, 2019

    John visits Louisville, Ky. to try out some truly authentic Kentucky fried chicken at a world-famous historic location before heading to Boston, Mass. to dig into the ultimate surf and turf burger topped with a juicy lobster tail, as well as mind-blowing fried lobster and waffles. Up next, John eats his way through the best steak in Toronto, Ont., at a Brazilian joint where the meat keeps on coming.

  • Rolling in the Deep Dish
    Rolling in the Deep Dish

    Episode 1 - Season 1 - May 24, 2019

    John dives into the original deep dish pizza in Chicago, Ill. and learns how to make a mile-high pizza pie. Then in Toronto, Ont., he’s off to feast on a burger with a sweet pineapple bun and jerk lobster fit for a king at a spectacular Jamaican-Chinese joint. Finally, John checks some mouth-watering gourmet Jewish cuisine off his list in Philadelphia, Pa.