Cake Masters

Cake Masters

Cake Masters - Episode Guide

Season 1

  • Duff's Rockin' Dickers Cake

    Season 1 - June 29, 2016

    Duff Goldman and his crew get a casual khaki makeover and fashion an amazing cake for Dockers' anniversary, complete with a giant ship, dock and San Francisco cityscape! Then, the bakers journey to San Fran to deliver the colossal confection to the massive Dockers party. Plus, the team makes a cake for the Year of the Monkey to celebrate the Lunar New Year.

  • Flaming-Hot Fiesta Cake

    Season 1 - June 22, 2016

    Things get hot for Duff Goldman and his crew as they create a fire-shooting Mexican fiesta cake for hot sauce giant Tapatio and a towering cookie cake for a Los Angeles convention. The gang must turn up the heat in the bakery to make tons of realistic food items out of sugar, plus Duff tries to put fire inside the cake and fellow baker Ron Ben-Israel shows up to join the fun!

  • Transformers Mega Cake

    Season 1 - June 15, 2016

    Duff Goldman and his team of decorators make a mega Transformers cake that actually transforms! The crew also tackles a massive stadium cake to celebrate the big game and sneaks in a surprise birthday cake for Duff.

  • Hollywood Panorama Cake

    Season 1 - June 8, 2016

    It's a Hollywood extravaganza as Duff Goldman and his team rush to create a panoramic cityscape of Tinseltown for a billion-dollar bash and a tiered cake for the 10th anniversary of an animation studio. As the bakers rush to deliver the cake to the Hollywood blowout, an El Nino rains on Duff's parade!

  • Monster Truck Cake

    Season 1 - June 1, 2016

    Duff Goldman and his team of decorators turn up the heat with a four-wheeled showstopper of a monster truck cake, then take center stage with a working guitar ... that's made of cake! The bakers must race to construct and deliver their truly monstrous cakes in front of thousands of fans.

  • Skylanders Portal cake

    Season 1 - May 25, 2016

    Duff Goldman and his crew of Hollywood cake masters are tasked with making a mind-blowing cake creation for the anniversary of the mega-huge video game franchise, Skylanders. The bakers also get in over their heads with a towering cake for the ground breaking of a popular California casino-resort.