Spoiler alert! We reveal spoilers from the first three episodes of Chopped Canada in this blog post. If you haven’t finished watching them yet, you should head over to the Chopped Canada video centre to get caught up.
1. Nice guys and gals do finish first.
Our first three Chopped Canada winners – Stephanie, Shelley and Ryan – are such nice folks. We’d love to have them as neighbours. If we needed a cup of sugar, we bet $10,000 they’d give us two. And some of the cookies they just baked.
2. Chopped Canada Karma exists.
In the premiere episode’s heated entrée round,  Matt stole Stephanie’s Asian noodles from her station as she was in the middle of making her dish!  All over Facebook and Twitter, viewers brandished their pitchforks and rallied against the ‘noodle thief.’  We here at Food Network Canada called the incident ‘Noodlegate.’ Matt’s performance in the kitchen was strong, he had confidence and talent, but he still didn’t win.  Perhaps his dish was seasoned with a pinch of Chopped Canada Karma?
3. A hot bath will save the day.
When you’re tired, achy, or blue, a hot bath can make everything okay.
As a matter of fact, a hot bath will also make everything okay when you’re hustling to win $10,000 and your oven is off when you definitely need it to be on.  In the premiere episode’s dessert challenge, Stephanie’s oven was turned off (but still warm from the previous round) when she slid her bread puddings in to bake. She used a hot water bath to help set her dessert. That hot water bath did the trick, making sure her bread puddings were cooked through and delicious even though her oven temperature wasn’t where it needed to be. She walked away with the Chopped Canada title.

4. Canadians love cabbage rolls.
In the last two episodes of Chopped Canada, chefs have used the humble but mighty cabbage roll as inspiration for their creations.  In response to Patrick’s riff on a cabbage roll in the second episode, Roger Mooking emphasized that he had “eaten a lot of cabbage rolls” growing up in Edmonton. When cabbage rolls pop up again in episode three, we tweeted out to viewers if we should have a Chopped Canada Cabbage Roll Showdown Special.  The viewers responded with a yes; Roger Mooking wants Edmonton to show Canada how the cabbage roll is done.


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5. When in doubt, deep fry.
Not sure what to do with those soggy grape leaves and need some crispy texture for your dish? Deep fry them like Daniel did in episode two.

What’s that something crispy that would perfectly play off buttery bone marrow? Matt, from the premiere episode, knows that it’s sliced potato… deep-fried.

Need to crisp up those artichokes to add a crunchy bite to your gumbo? Adam in episode three knows the trick: fill up the fryer!

The deep fryer is a must in the Chopped Canada kitchen. Here are a couple of recipes to try deep frying at home:
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