The Chopped Canada kitchen can be an emotional roller coaster for the chefs who are thrown into a ticking time bomb of culinary mayhem. A few can handle the stress while looking right into the lens with a stoic stare but most come out of this once-in-a-life-time experience with their emotions boiling over.
As we head into the season finale this Saturday, here are some of our favourite reactions from the season two contestants we had to share!

Don’t worry, Chef Ted Dimoglou. This is how we feel when we see the mystery basket ingredients, too. 888-Chef Ted Dimoglou

Chef Erin Harris prays to the pastry gods (we’re looking at you, Anna Olson) that the judges like her dessert dish.
888-Chef Erin Harris

It’s no wonder that catering chef/cross country skier Stefan Kuhn competed in the 2010 Winter Olympics. He’s got his icy stare down pat!
888-Ched Stefan Kuhn

Chef John Alvarez looks pretty cool but those rivers of sweat down his face betray how he feels about standing in front of the judges.
888-Chef John Alvarez_reaction

“Cause you’re hot and you’re cold…” Was Katy Perry singing about Chef Line Lefebvre’s conflicting emotions?
888-Chef Line Lefebvre

Chef Mario Spina is his own cheerleader in the Chopped Canada kitchen. Go team Spina!
888-Chef Mario Spina

Chef Paul Ambrose Heighton proves that you should never get too excited about the mystery basket ingredients. 
888-Chef Paul Ambrose Heigton

Chef Shane Chartrand throws his hands up in the air like he just don’t care (about how much food he ended up wearing).
888-Chef Shane Chartrand

Chef Sonia Cuffy whistles while she works! She can keep her cool and hold a tune while competing in the Chopped Canada kitchen.
We’re impressed.
888-Chef Sonia Cuffy

If you’re craving more hilarious moments from the contestants, watch full episodes of Chopped Canada here.
Catch the season finale of Chopped Canada this Saturday, July 4th at 9 E/P!