We asked the judges which four chefs, living or dead, they would love to see compete in the Chopped Canada kitchen. Their picks include a star-studded line-up that would make culinary history (and would create some absolutely delicious dishes for them to judge!).

Anne Yarymowich went with a strong lineup of female chefs to compete. She chose James Beard award-winning chef, Joyce Goldstein; Italian cookery writer, Marcella Hazan; French chef and author, Madeleine Kamman; and the legendary Julia Child. Having both Kamman and Child compete would make for a très exciting round as Kamman is not a fan of Child, criticizing her popularity based on learning French cooking from an American chef. Anne isn’t worried about the accomplished chefs letting their differences show, saying, “I bet they would be so polite to each other.” We say vive la différence!


Top picks from the judges are Paul Bocuse and Julia Child. L-R: multivu.com, cntraveler.com

For his legendary battle,  judge Antonio Park chose the original Iron Chef, Rokusaburo Michiba to compete against two French culinary giants who have both received three Michelin stars – James Beard award-winning chef, Joël Robuchon, and Paul Bocuse, a revered Lyonnaise chef awarded ‘Chef of the Century’ from the Culinary Institute of America. Antonio would also include  American chef, restaurateur and cookbook author, Thomas Keller in the battle. Antonio calls all four chefs, “emperors of cuisine” and says the battle would definitely be “hardcore.”

Eden Grinshpan has a lineup of all-star celebrity chefs competing in her dream Chopped Canada episode. She chose the incredible Julia Child who she is absolutely in love with and would throw Martha Stewart into the mix to see how this reserved domestic doyenne would cook in a frantic environment. Rounding out the battle would be “rock star” chef Jamie Oliver and Emeril Lagasse. BAM!

Eden's picks

Eden’s All-Star Lineup of Dream Competitors. Julia Child image: immur.com; Martha Stewart image: marthastewart.com

John Higgins and Massimo Capra also want to see Paul Bocuse and Julia Childs battle it out in the Chopped Canada kitchen. John would have the two chefs compete against the legendary French chef, Auguste Escoffier, who earned his worldwide reputation as the director of the Savoy hotel kitchen in the early 1900’s. Escoffier would bring the history and flavour of his day to the competition, while Bocuse would bring a modern, sexy touch and Child would round out the battle with her cuisine that John describes as “real food” without gimmick. Massimo would like to see Child and Bocuse up against the late American chef and restaurateur, Charlie Trotter and his own Italian mentor from the ’70s, Chef Andriano, who’s cooking style bridged the old fashioned Italian way with the a new Italian style.

Judge Susur Lee would pick chefs from the here and now. He’d want to see the chefs he’s worked with at his restaurants to compete on Chopped Cananda, all of whom he knows would be up to the challenge.

Judge Michael Smith would love to see an all-French battle in the kitchen with top picks, Paul Bocuse and August Escoffier as well as Marie-Antoine Carême and Fernand Point. Michael looks up to all these chefs not only because they’re icons of French cuisine, but also innovators in how kitchens are organized. He calls this group “the family tree of modern French cooking.” We bet they’d come up with some dishes that are très délicieux

Roger Mooking would add some serious spice with an eclectic mix of chefs vying for the title of champion in his dream episode. His lineup would have Bob Marley’s former executive chef compete against Paul Bocuse and the Marley family’s personal chef, Screechy, who he calls a “gangster” in the kitchen. Finally, he’d throw Tommi Rae Fowler, the winner of Chopped Teen Tournament into the mix to see how she’d stack up against the rest.


Lynn Crawford and Lora Kirk in the kitchen at Ruby Watchco (via foodgypsy.ca) and Alice Waters with Jamie Oliver (via Erin Scott).

There are many brilliant chefs that Lynn Crawford would love to see compete in the Chopped Canada kitchen, from huge celebrity names like Jamie Oliver, Mario Batali and her culinary mentor, Alice Waters to her own chef at Ruby Watchco, Lora Kirk. But there are none that Lynn would rather see compete than her fellow judges. Lynn thinks it would be hilarious to have the tables turned and see the judges— and even host, Dean McDermott— compete against one another. We agree, Lynn!

ChoppedCan_S2_composite_wDean-Set Background1

Which judge (or host!) do you think would win the title of Chopped Canada champion?

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