Chopped Canada

Chopped Canada

Episode Description

It's a Halva Day

It's game on as these four female chefs brave the baskets for a shot at $10,000.  Chefs bring a "can" do attitude in the first round, and salmon cakes abound.  The entrée round gets everyone's goat as they race to tenderize a tough piece of meat.  It's a halva time for the remaining two chefs to transform a frozen breakfast treat into a winning dessert.

Judges: Michael Smith, Lynn Crawford, John Higgins

Competing Chefs:
Hanna Sogo (Age 23) from Surrey, BC 
Stacie Royds (Age 41) from St. Catharines, ON 
Elizabeth Phillips (Age 54) from Midland, ON 
Becky Hood (Age 28) from Guelph, ON

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