Chopped Canada

Chopped Canada

Episode Description


These chefs are puzzled by the presence of a Middle Eastern ingredient in the appetizer round.  Kat-a-what? Is it a noodle or is it a pastry?  The entrée round won’t be a snap as they must pair monkfish with cocktail onions and a sweet treat.  In the dessert round, it's a trip to Catalina as the chefs must figure out how to incorporate this ketchup-based dressing and tofu skin in a round winning dessert.

Judges: Michael Smith, Anne Yarymowich, Eden Grinshpan

Competing Chefs:
Carol Christie (Age 48) from Sooke, BC
Brian McKenna (Age 56) from Langley, BC
Mario Spina (Age 50) from Calgary, AB
Keith Hoare (Age 46) from Mississauga, ON

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