Chopped Canada

Chopped Canada

Episode Description

One Flew Over the Cocoa Nest

Four chefs stick their necks out when Ostrich and Lollipops make an appearance in the appetizer round.  The entrée  makes for a wild time when chefs must mix a jiggly dessert with this gamey meat.  It’s a bit of a pickle for the two remaining chefs who must find a way to sneak this popular bar food into a prize winning dessert.

Judges: Chuck Hughes, Roger Mooking, John Higgins

Competing Chefs:
Henry Strong (Age 44) from Ottawa, ON
Christina Pugliese (Age 30) from Montreal, QC
Romeo Oloresisimo (Age 33) from Kamloops, BC
Daren Bergeron (Age 40) from Montreal, QC

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