Chopped Canada

Chopped Canada

Episode Description

Viewers' Choice: Land, Sea, Air

Fans across the nation weighed in with their ideas for these challenging baskets.  In the appetizer round prairie oysters and ketchup chips pop up as surprising choices from the land of plenty.  Round two is a seaside surprise with Gefilte fish and Squid Ink muddying the waters.  The dessert round really takes flight as the chefs wrestle with how to make things with wings into a sensational sweet.
Judges: Susur Lee, Roger Mooking, Antonio Park

Competing Chefs:
Luc McCabe (Age 34) from Cornwall, ON 
Andrew Hajjar (Age 26) from Toronto, ON 
Dylan Draper (Age 29) from Calgary, AB
Hunter J. Moyes (Age 31) from Vancouver, BC 


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