Chopped: Sweets

Chopped: Sweets

About the Show

In a sweet spinoff of the ultimate culinary competition, host Scott Conant challenges four bold pastry artists to take on one of the toughest tests of their lives. Faced with baffling basket ingredients and an unrelenting clock, the sensational, sugar-savvy chefs must demonstrate their skill, concentration and imagination as they race to see who will claim the $10,000 prize.

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Chopped: Sweets - Episode Guide

Season 1

  • Breakfast for Dessert

    Season 1 - November 10, 2020

    It's a sweet wake-up call when Scott Conant challenges four chefs to make breakfast-themed desserts. The baskets are full of reminders of the most-important meal of the day, including a coffee drink, a cleverly designed candy and waffle dough. The competitors struggle to rise and shine, doing their best to deliver sweet treats with a breakfast-y spin.
  • Winter Celebration

    Season 1 - November 9, 2020

    Four extraordinary, sugar-savvy chefs are the first to set foot in the Chopped Sweets Kitchen for a festive competition! Their confidence may take a hit when they open the first basket and find a startling surprise. Stressful setbacks in the second round and goody, goody gumdrops in the final basket all lead up to one chef being named the first-ever Chopped Sweets Champion.
  • Neapolitan Delight

    Season 1 - September 13, 2020

    Scott Conant welcomes four chefs to battle with three classic flavors -- strawberry, vanilla and chocolate. In the first round, a tricky Chinese delicacy is a sign that only the strong will survive. In round two, the vanilla desserts must also include a dried fruit and a cooked protein. A beyond-decadent discovery in the final basket puts the competitors in a seriously chocolatey state of mind.
  • Cake Stakes

    Season 1 - September 6, 2020

    It's no cakewalk as Scott Conant asks four big-time bakers to create fantastic cakes in record time. In round one, time management is a challenge, and they must adapt quickly. Then the chefs uncover a jumbo-sized ingredient in the second basket, and round three has the two finalists wondering what is so super about super worms.
  • Freeze, Please!

    Season 1 - May 5, 2020

    Scott Conant gives four chefs a cool challenge to create spectacularly frosty desserts. As the clock ticks down on the first round, it's unclear whether all the chefs will finish in time. In the second basket, a Japanese egg dish and an oversized ice cream treat are in play, and the final two chefs in round three must take inspiration from a weird doughnut.
  • Desserts on a Dime

    Season 1 - April 28, 2020

    Scott Conant welcomes four chefs to a battle of turning bargain items into incredible priceless treats. The first basket offers a simple cookie and a can of something strangely sweet. An ice cream truck staple makes for a chill, cheap ingredient in the second round, and in the final round, the last two competitors have ambitious plans, but time may not be on their side.
  • Carnival Crunch Time

    Season 1 - April 21, 2020

    It's a wild ride as Scott Conant challenges four chefs to create colorful, carnival-themed desserts for the judges, while also bringing their personalities to the table. There's an intriguing hybrid fried food in the first basket, and a cherry-flavored oddity piques interest in round two. A novelty popcorn product is all the buzz for the final two contestants.
  • Million Dollar Desserts

    Season 1 - April 14, 2020

    Scott Conant welcomes four chefs who are excited to create extraordinary desserts using pricey, premium ingredients. An unusual caviar is one of the standouts in the first basket, and round two has the competitors working with something golden and something aged to perfection. Then the two finalists discover an exquisite chocolate surprise in the last basket.
  • Tough Cookies

    Season 1 - April 7, 2020

    The humble cookie takes the spotlight as Scott Conant challenges four pastry artists to create an imaginative twist on popular cookie varieties. The competitors discover a jar of something alarming in the first basket.  A lunchtime shortcut is part of the challenge in round two, and in the final round, an unusually large ingredient occupies a lot of basket real estate.
  • Tiny Treats

    Season 1 - March 31, 2020

    Miniature sweets make a big impression as Scott Conant challenges four chefs to prove that they can create adorable tiny treats that are delectable little works of art. In the first basket, a savoury spread just might fill them with dread, and they must use a peculiar powder in round two. The two remaining contenders must figure out what to do with something in the final basket that goes pop.
  • Glazed and Confused?

    Season 1 - March 24, 2020

    Scott Conant welcomes four chefs to a doughnut-themed competition, and they must make sense of what's in the baskets before they can create sugary, deep-fried masterpieces. Inventiveness is key, but an icky, itty-bitty ingredient in the first basket pushes the chefs out of their comfort zones. In the second basket, a fruit that seems harmless creates difficulties, and the last two competitors must figure out how to use a can of something unusual in their final desserts.
  • Chocolate Perfection

    Season 1 - March 17, 2020

    In this all-chocolate challenge, Scott Conant challenges four pastry artists to make every chocolate lover's dream come true by whipping up decadent, chocolatey creations that are as beautiful as they are craveable. In the first round, a hearty Indian specialty threatens to throw the chefs off their game. They encounter something fishy in the second round basket, and the final round takes a sour turn toward sweet success.
  • Boozy Baskets

    Season 1 - March 10, 2020

    Drinks plus desserts equal an epic good time! Scott Conant challenges the chefs to turn adult beverages into pastry perfection. A special beer and a frozen treat are part of the puzzle in round one. A potent pop and a festive frosting meet in the second basket, and by the final round, the judges are thirsting for truly fantastical desserts featuring an over-the-top cocktail.