Chuck's Day Off

Chuck's Day Off

About the Host

Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes Chuck loves food. So much so his favorites are tattooed on his arms: bacon, lemon meringue pie, lobster and arugula just to name a few.

Growing up in Montreal, it was Chuck's mom who inspired his love of cooking. She regularly had him join her in the kitchen where he did everything from prepping vegetables to washing up. During a successful but unfulfilling job in advertising, it was she who suggested he go to culinary school. After attending one in Montreal he immediately started working in some of that city's hottest restaurants such as Globe, Tapeo and Time Supper Club. His first job? He was chef garde manger - the guy who prepares the cold appetizers. From there he quickly rose up through the ranks.

In 2006 he partnered with his two best friends and opened their first restaurant, Garde Manger, to rave reviews and packed seating. Last summer Chuck and his partners opened their second restaurant in Montreal, Le Bremner, to great success.

For Chuck, cooking is about keeping it simple, using fresh ingredients and having fun.