Chuck's Day Off

Chuck's Day Off

Chuck's Day Off - Episode Guide

Season 3

  • The Sandwich Shop

    Season 3 - March 8, 2017

    “One of the highlights of my daily routine at the restaurant is my trip to the sandwich shop around the corner. It’s run by this really sweet Korean couple and their sandwiches are to die for – fresh veggies & meats & awesome bread – man oh man, even our staff loves them! I’ve recently discovered that Mr. and Mrs. LEE also make their own KIMCHI – a classic Korean condiment of spiced cabbage– and I even got them to show me how to make it. So today, it’s my day off, and I asked Mr. and Mrs. Lee over for a late lunch at my place!”
  • The Blind Date

    Season 3 - November 1, 2016

    “When the place is dark, the wine is flowing and music is grooving, you can definitely feel the love in the air. About half our clients are couples celebrating a special night or maybe here on a date. For a while now, I’ve had my eye on 2 people who I thought would hit it off if they ever met. Vanya is an awesome and beautiful girl who works in the food industry – and John’s an all around cool guy, who owns a couple local bars, plus he plays hockey – so you know he’s okay by me! So today I’m playing cupid – I’ve invited these two over for a blind date, with me as chaperone… I’m gonna cook them all up a fun meal and hopefully it’ll be the start of something big… no pressure!”
  • The Oyster Shuckers

    Season 3 - November 1, 2016

    "If there is one thing we do right at the restaurant it’s shucking oysters and serving them up with style! I can’t really say it’s ‘cooking’ but it’s definitely a service I’m proud of. It’s funny how ‘big’ the oyster world has become lately. I’ve even been invited to competitions and went up against some of the fastest shuckers in the country. I still shuck oysters at the restaurant but lately, Dave has emerged as our Oyster king. He’s got a natural talent for shucking, he’s great with the customers and he makes the whole experience so ZEN! Today is my day off – and I decided to invite Dave and a few local shuckers Daniel, Ryan, Chris and even John Bills, the Master shucker himself, over for a meal … who knows maybe we’ll get a little friendly competition happening…”
  • The Regulars

    Season 3 - October 31, 2016

    “If there is one thing a restaurant needs to survive its regulars. I’m talking about the backbone of the business. Dominic, Dr. Dolman and his wife, Gacia, Jeff and Mark are just great people. They are seriously part of the ‘family.’ They’re here week after week and thankfully never get tired of us! We all know them, we love hanging out with them and serving them but funny enough, and I don’t think they really know each other. So today, I decided to bring this gang together and let them mix it up... and thank them for coming down here night after night!”
  • Women in the Kitchen

    Season 3 - October 31, 2016

    “It’s always bugged me that there aren’t a lot of women working in professional kitchens... Brooke is an up and coming cook at our restaurant. She works just as hard as any other chef on that line and she delivers with the best of them. I definitely do my best to mentor Brooke, but our kitchen is bit of a boys club... So today I’ve invited three of my favorite chefs, Marie-Fleur, Emma and Tracey, who just happen to be women, down to meet Brooke and enjoy a nice meal. Hopefully they’ll hit it off...”
  • The Cleaners

    Season 3 - October 30, 2016

    “Anyone who knows me will tell you that I’m a major clean freak! In the restaurant industry – cleanliness is godliness. It’s almost as important as the food! We’re constantly cleaning the place down day after day. But for the real nitty gritty– we have a cleaning service that comes and they scrub the place down and make it spotless. Edgardo and Burt are a father and son team and these guys are some of the hardest workers I know. I see them once a week but they’re so busy cleaning - they never taste what comes out of the kitchen! So today, I’m cranking up the cooking, they’re taking a break from the cleaning, and we’re gonna have a relaxed family style meal”.
  • The Hospital Staff

    Season 3 - October 30, 2016

    “A couple months ago I was zipping around on my scooter and I hit a pothole and BAM – I was suddenly sprawled out on the street – my scooter on me – and fractured my ankle. Anyways, a couple days in the hospital gave me a fresh appreciation for the medical profession .But the real surprise was the hospital food – I’m not kidding – it was seriously so good. So today – it’s my day off and I decided to have the hospital team over for a meal and thank them for getting me up and running again!”
  • The Cheese Guy

    Season 3 - October 29, 2016

    “Life without cheese would be a shame! I’m serious...I love the stuff! Cheese is a staple ingredient for us in the restaurant - we use it everyday in all kinds of ways. Gilles owns probably one the best cheese shops in the city. We deal with this guy and his staff practically every day. This guy is like the Cheese Master - he has cheeses from around the world as well as a fanatastic collection of local cheeses. So today – I decided to have Gilles and his shop manager Manon over for a meal.”
  • Pots & Pans

    Season 3 - October 29, 2016

    “It’s the question that - no matter where I go – people always ask me– what kind of pots and pans do I use? My pans are like my toolbox – and I know there are all kinds of brand names out there, but personally, I’m not into the fancy stuff. Take a solid reliable pan and the rest depends on the cook! I deal with a great kitchen supply company and MARIKA, EFFIE, FRANC, and TONY go the distance to keep the kitchen boys and me happy. So today – I’m going to make them an awesome meal!”
  • Block Party

    Season 3 - October 28, 2016

    “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do: shut the street down and cook for ALL the people that have helped to make our restaurant a success. So I’ve been planning this for while and today’s the big day – I’m taking it to the streets! It’s crazy, it’s mad but it’s going to be a blast. I’ve roped in some of my staff to come in and give me a hand too – because cooking for a crowd this big ain’t a one-man show! It’s my day off – and honestly, there’s nowhere I’d rather be!”
  • Farmers

    Season 3 - October 28, 2016

    “The way I look at it – cooks and farmers are actually 2 sides of the same coin. I mean, farmers produce the stuff that I use to feed people so I have a lot of respect for what they do. Brigitte and Michel have an awesome apple and cheese farm just outside of the city. When the autumn harvest comes along – I always try to go by their farm to say hello and get inspired by their hard work. Today it’s my day off and I decided – let’s bring the farm to the city. So Brigitte and Michel are coming in for a hearty meal!”

  • The Concert Promoters

    Season 3 - October 27, 2016

    “Back in the days before I owned a restaurant, I cut my teeth as a caterer on the weekends, cooking for the bands that Nick, a local concert would bring to town. I loved the experience but when I got busy in restaurants, I didn’t have time for catering gigs. Lately Nick’s been organizing a massive music festival and when he asked me to do the catering for the artist’s tent, I couldn’t say no. It was an awesome experience, but it was so crazy I barely had a second to hang with Nick; so today I’m having him and his partner, Daniel down for a meal.”
  • The Veg Suppliers

    Season 3 - October 27, 2016

    “Good veg makes a world of difference when cooking. From day one our vegetable supplier has made our lives so much easier. From staples like fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce, to specialties like black garlic and micro-greens, Eve and her crew make sure we’re always serving up the very best. Today’s my day off and I’m having them down for a long overdue meal.”

Season 2

  • The Landlords

    Season 2 - March 8, 2017

    "Today's the first of the month and that means, George, our landlord, pops by to collect the rent. George is a character and a half and we get along great and we've developed a great relationship. Especially since, as it turned out, he's also in the food business. George and his brother run a shop where they import olive oil, honey and cheeses from the Mediterranean. I've actually become a loyal customer! Today's my day off, and it's rent day, so I thought I couldn't pick a better day to treat my landlord and his family to a relaxed meal."

  • The Truffle Guy

    Season 2 - March 7, 2017

    "I'm amazed at how some foods intimidate people, you know, Foie Gras, Caviar, and the big one these days, Truffles. People love them to try them at the restaurant, but at home? Hold up...! Even I was slow to get on the truffle train, as soon as I heard Paolo, my truffle guy, or as I like to call him, 'my truffle dealer' talk about how much he loves them, any worries I had were blown away. The truth is that once you figure out how to use them, you'll never look back! Anyhow, I'm really excited to have Paolo and his partner down for a great meal today to enjoy a couple dishes inspired by their truffles."

    Music featured in this episode: Two Hours Traffic, Yukon Blonde, Hollerado, Jason Collett, Apostle of Hustle

  • Dans La Rue

    Season 2 - March 7, 2017

    "Today's day off is an extra special one. I do a lot of work for a great charity called Dans La Rue. They help street kids get back on their feet. It's a cause that I feel really strongly about and today I'm cooking for some very generous guests. I've invited a bunch of their volunteers down for a special meal, they spend their days off cooking for a great cause so I really want to treat them."

    Music featured in this episode: Jason Bajada, Daniel Wesley, Hollerado, Dragonette, Yukon Blonde

  • The Hockey Team

    Season 2 - March 6, 2017

    "One of the real challenges in my life is getting away from the restaurant. When you own the place and run the kitchen and live in the neighborhood it's really hard to let go. And being a perfectionist doesn't help either. If there is one thing that I will never miss, it's my weekly hockey. I can't let the team down. Anyhow, long ago I promised the boys that we'd have a team meal at the restaurant."

    Music featured in this episode: Daniel Wesley, Yukon Blonde, Apostle of Hustle, Jason Collett, Hollerado

  • The Spice Guys

    Season 2 - March 6, 2017

    "Every cook, whether they work at home or in a restaurant, has a go to shop. A place that has all the hard to find stuff that takes dishes from great to "This is the best thing I have ever cooked." Mine is run by these characters – Amedee, Benoit & Erica. They're more than a supplier for me – they're my secret weapon. It's about time I had them down for a meal."

    Music featured in this episode: Hawksley Workman, Daniel Wesley, Jason Bajada, Dragonette , Two Hours Traffic, Yukon Blonde

  • The Bouncers

    Season 2 - March 5, 2017

    "Our restaurant is very small. Some might say that it's tiny – and when we get busy, crowd control can be a problem. It's not common that you'll have a bouncer at a restaurant, but on our busiest nights that's exactly what you'll get at our front door. Fred & Eugenio are awesome guys – and it's super important to me that they really understand what we're all about, so I've invited them down to cook for them and remind them of why people are lining up to get in here!"

    Music featured in this episode: Hollerado, The Junction, K-Os, Hawksley Workman, Misstress Barbara, Jason Collett

  • The DJs

    Season 2 - March 5, 2017

    "I've always believed that a good meal is even better if you're listening to great tunes. Music is a major part of the experience at our restaurant. Most nights, our bartenders, my partners, or even me'll make sure the tunes are just right. On our busiest nights, we've started to bring in some real DJs to take things up a notch. I love music and I've been dying to talk with Ryan and Nazali about DJing, so I've invited them down and in exchange for some eats I want the inside scoop on their tricks of the trade."

    Music featured in this episode: Two Hours Traffic, Apostle of Hustle, K-Os, Jason Bajada, Dragonette, Misstress Barbara

  • The Coffee Guy

    Season 2 - March 4, 2017

    "I don't know who likes our coffee machine more -- the staff or the clients. I doubt we could make it through a single day without this machine and it's beautiful espressos, cappuccinos and lattes. Mohammed is our coffee guy. He sold us our machine, and supplies us with our coffee. He's been with us since day one, and is absolutely nuts about coffee. I've never had the chance to eat with him, so today's the day."

    Music featured in this episode: Two Hours Traffic, The Junction, Hawksley Workman, Jason Collett, Zeus

  • The Kitchen Staff

    Season 2 - March 4, 2017

    "The most important place in the restaurant is the kitchen. If someone tells you otherwise, don't eat at their restaurant. This week was a really hard week for us and the kitchen staff was really pushed to their limits. Every once in a while we need to take a day to reconnect, and today's that day."

    Music featured in this episode: Two Hours Traffic, Yukon Blonde, Bedouin Soundclash, Zeus, We Are Wolves, Jason Collett

  • The Concierges

    Season 2 - March 3, 2017

    "This week was a great week. We had a few massive tables in from out of town that came to us through some local concierges. Restaurants usually spoil these guys with all sorts of gifts to keep them on their good side, we've never really gotten into that. They seem to have figured out who to send to our place, and I guess they get enough positive feedback that they keep sending people. Anyhow, one of them pointed out we never have room for them, only their clients so I've decided to have a bunch of them down for a bite."

    Music featured in this episode: Hollerado, The Stills, Zeus

  • The Interns

    Season 2 - March 3, 2017

    "Cooking and food are more popular than ever and there are more and more young people who are going to cooking schools. These schools all run intern programs where they place students in restaurant kitchens to get work experience. We've been really lucky and had three great interns, Raffi, Erin and Vanessa, for the last few weeks. They're great and brought some outside influences into the kitchen. Today I'm letting them off the hook and gonna cook for the interns."

    Music featured in this episode: Yukon Blonde, Hedley, The Stills, The Junction, Jason Bajada

  • The Locksmiths

    Season 2 - March 2, 2017

    "You would never think of a locksmith as being important to a restaurant's success. Earlier this week, we learned the hard way just how important they can be. Not only is the restaurant old, but so was the lock on the front door. Thursday morning we showed up for prep and couldn't get in. Ken & Joe spent HOURS helping us out and we managed to crank out another awesome night. I thought the least I could do for these guys was cook them a meal."

    Music featured in this episode:Hollerado, We Are Wolves, The Stills, The Junction, Yukon Blonde

  • Play Date

    Season 2 - March 2, 2017

    "I love my restaurant with all my heart, obviously. But if there was one thing I could change, it would be the fact that we’re not allowed to have kids eat here cause of our liquor license. My little cousins have been after me to cook for them for years and I've decided that after an intense week in the restaurant, spending my day off cooking for them is just what the doctor ordered."

    Music featured in this episode: Hollerado, Zeus, Dragonette, Jason Collett

  • The Suits

    Season 2 - March 1, 2017

    "Do I look like a business man? No. And neither of my partners are what you'd call 'suits.' As with everything else, we have a great team helping us keep on top of our paperwork, led by Jasmine and Melissa. They're two lawyers that help us with everything from city permits to making sure that our books are well balanced and they keep us in line -- most of the time. These days, we're looking at doing a bit of renovation and they're letting us know what we can and can't do. After six months of us heading to their office, today they're coming down here."

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Hollerado, Daniel Wesley, Hedley

  • The Butchers

    Season 2 - March 1, 2017

    "Trust your butcher. It's one of the first things I was taught and a great rule to live by in the restaurant world. I'm a seafood lover, but if a solid steak, beautiful sausages, or gorgeous lamb chops doesn't get you salivating, I feel sorry for you. I've known my butchers for years. I worked at their sausage shop when I was a teenager! I've been meaning to catch up with these guys for years, and today's the day."

    Music featured in this episode: Hollerado, Jason Bajada, The Junction, Jason Collett, Zeus

  • The Bartenders

    Season 2 - February 28, 2017

    "Anyone who's been to our restaurant knows there are two hubs of activity: The kitchen, and the bar. In a small space like ours, the bar is more than a bar though. It handles the overflow of eaters that we can't fit at tables, has to turn out all the drinks and has really taken on a life of its own. From day one the bar staff has gone the extra mile – from the drink of the day made with fresh produce to putting on a show, these guys rival my kitchen guys as the rock stars of our restaurant. It's about time I cooked them up something special."

    Music featured in this episode: We Are Wolves, The Stills, Misstress Barbara, Hedley, Zeus

  • The Knife Guy

    Season 2 - February 28, 2017

    "It's the chef it's not the knife. I know chefs are picky about their knives, and so am I, but I have a different take. I am loyal to a company that specializes in loaning out sharp knives to restaurant kitchens. That's right, I don't own my knives. Every week a brand new set of perfectly sharpened knives gets dropped off – it's that easy. Today, Kevin is swing by with my knives and I've decided to have some food ready for him to eat."

    Music featured in this episode: Paul Pivetta, The Junction, The Stills, Hollerado, Hedley

  • The Green Show

    Season 2 - February 27, 2017

    "I like the environment. I mean, I'm not a green maniac, but I like to do what I can. A few weeks ago these two guys who've started a restaurant composting company got us to sign up and it's been pretty smooth. Takes a bit of extra work to sort it all out, but it's worth it on garbage day when there are half as many bags! I've invited them down for a thank you meal and we'll talk green."

    Music featured in this episode: We Are Wolves, K-Os, Misstress Barbara, Hawksley Workman, Daniel Wesley

  • The Dog Walkers

    Season 2 - February 27, 2017

    "Running your own business really blurs the line between work and play, especially if you're a workaholic like me. One of the victims of my lack of personal time is super important to me and hasn't complained once: Fakey, my dog. Recently I found these great dog walkers in the area and they take him and a bunch of dogs out on what seems like a daily spring break to me. Best of all, they swing by with the dogs from time to time to say, hey. It sounds like a little thing, but when you're working from 9 to 2 AM everyday, this stuff makes a difference. Today, I'm whipping up some eats for the walkers, and maybe even something for the pooches."

    Music featured in this episode: Hedley, Daniel Wesley, We Are Wolves, Dragonette

  • The Wine Guy

    Season 2 - February 26, 2017

    "I know almost nothing about wine. Yeah, I know I know. Really, do I look like a guy who spends his time worrying about pinot noir? Obviously wine is an important part of our restaurant and so we rely on our suppliers to get us great stuff. Theo runs his own little business and does a great job tracking down some real gems. Today he and our in-house wine guru, Jess, have a tasting and I'm gonna throw together some treats for them both."

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Daniel Wesley, We Are Wolves, Jason Bajada, Misstress Barbara

  • The Bread Guy

    Season 2 - February 26, 2017

    "Bread. It's the first thing on everyone's table and the only thing that's free. Bread is a small thing that I think makes a big difference when I'm eating at a restaurant. And it's something that I don't have time to make here. Our bread guy is a real artist. His day starts when ours ends, and he drops off fresh bread every morning before we even get here. We're like two ships in the night or whatever. So today, with the restaurant closed, I can work around his schedule. So he's coming down for an early dinner."

    Music featured in this episode: Hedley, We Are Wolves, Daniel Wesley, K-Os

  • The Cops

    Season 2 - February 25, 2017

    "Our restaurant is definitely pretty trouble free, but every once in a while, we have a noise complaint or something. The cops who are in charge of our neighborhood are great. They stop by during the day when we're prepping for a glass of water and a chat, and we've developed a great relationship with them. We keep them happy and they help us out whenever we need them. Today, on my day off, I'm cooking a special meal just for them."

    Music featured in this episode: Hawksley Workman, Bedouin Soundclash, Misstress Barbara, Dragonette

  • The Mentors

    Season 2 - February 25, 2017

    "So today is a big day off. Today I'm cooking for my mentors, who are now sorta my competition as well. I think the world of Dave and Fred, and their restaurants are the first I send anyone if we don't have room here. Obviously we NEVER get to eat together and actually talk… So, yeah, today is a big deal."

    Music featured in this episode: Daniel Wesley, Dragonette, Bedouin Soundclash, K-Os

  • The Linen Guy

    Season 2 - February 24, 2017

    "It's funny, you might not guess it but I'm sort of a neat freak. I am always cleaning and wiping. Yeah, my rag is sort of like a security blanket. We go through a LOT of these, we have a laundry service that does them all the time, and the tablecloths. It's a small operation and the owner is a great guy that everyone loves. Sorta like Norm from Cheers. Today I'm taking the day to cook a special meal for him and his family."

    Music featured in this episode: Misstress Barbara, Dragonette, Bedouin Soundclash

  • The Wait Staff

    Season 2 - February 24, 2017

    "Our restaurant's wait staff is just awesome! They are on their feet all night, working the floor and the bar, dealing with all kinds of customers, and never cracking under the pressure. This week was an especially hard one, and I thought they could use a little 'Thank you!' Today is their day off as well, and they are going to receive the treatment they deserve: I'll be serving them for a change."

    Music featured in this episode: Hawksley Workman, Misstress Barbara, Dragonette

  • The Dishwasher

    Season 2 - February 23, 2017

    "The biggest disaster we have is when the dishwasher breaks down, and this week disaster struck! We rent our machine and it comes with free service – and one hell of a character. He's like the Colombo of dishwashers. I mean, he looks like Colombo and he's like a sort of weird dishwasher detective, solving dishwasher mysteries. The guy is full of stories, it'll be great to sit down with him and shoot the breeze."

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Dragonette, Jason Bajada

Season 1

  • The Beer Show

    Season 1 - March 15, 2017

    Chuck has a great relationship with his beer suppliers and thanks them with a meal built around their brew.

    “When you’re running a restaurant you have to be picky about everything on your menu – even your beer. We’re really proud that people like to let loose and, you know, have a good time here... and beer’s a big part of that. When we opened we looked at all sorts of breweries, and then a friend told us about this guy who’d just opened up a little microbrew in the city. As soon as we met Charles, we knew it was perfect: local beer, small company, and a great guy. It’s been a long week, and the idea of spending some time in the kitchen and eating with my beer guy and his crew sounds like a great way to spend my day off...”

    Music featured in this episode: Beast, Mobile, The Trews, Two Hours Traffic

  • The Hottest Day Ever

    Season 1 - March 15, 2017

    Chuck and his tattoo artist are looking for way to beat the heat with some good eats so Chuck prepares a great summer menu.

    “This week has been a killer in the restaurant. When the summer season ramps up and it’s ridiculously hot... the week just feels longer. And we’re in the old part of the city... Great for business, but 100 year old buildings aren’t the easiest to work in when it’s hot. Today’s my day off, and I promised I’d cook some grub and catch up with my tattoo artist, Safwan... But look at it outside: there’s no way I can spend all day in the kitchen. So here’s the plan – we’re gonna eat al fresco, Chuck-style... right out in front of the restaurant.”

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Mobile

  • The Healthy Show

    Season 1 - February 23, 2017

    Chuck brings his personal trainer down to the restaurant to sample his take on “healthy food”.

    “Working in a restaurant doesn’t make “healthy living” easy... Your schedule is all over the place and, there’s always food around... When I’m not at work, I try and make up for it. Recently I hired a personal trainer, Alex. He makes me work my butt off literally, but the guy’s great and we constantly argue about what makes for healthy eating... So today I’m cooking for the healthiest eater I know... Should be interesting.’

    Music featured in this episode: Beast, Creature, Dee, Mobile

  • The Firemen Show

    Season 1 - February 22, 2017

    After a fire nearly takes out the restaurant, Chuck thanks the firemen by preparing a menu of tasty treats.

    “Yeah, it was a pretty weird week. Sunday morning a fire broke out above the restaurant. The firemen were down here and managed to contain it... But water damage meant we had to close down for the week. We really dodged a bullet... I mean, if the fire had caught... Anyhow, today, the kitchen is back up and running and I’ve got a few of the firmen coming down for a special meal...”

    Music featured in this episode: Beast, Bedouin Soundclash, Creature, Dee

  • The Upstairs Neighbors

    Season 1 - February 22, 2017

    The family that lives upstairs are great neighbors but the restaurant isn’t really a kid friendly place... So Chuck invites the family down for a special day off dinner.

    “It can’t be easy living above our restaurant. We’re open 6 days a week and every night the music gets louder and louder the later it gets. When the last people pile out and into cabs it’s usually around 330 in the morning... Anyhow, we’re really lucky- Carmella, Jordi and little Yakiri are great neighbors. They’re laid back enough to put up with us, and I’ve formed a real friendship with them. But they never get to eat in the restaurant... we’re not exactly a family place. So today, I’m cooking for our upstairs neighbors.”

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Creature, Two Hours Traffic

  • My Toughest Critics...

    Season 1 - February 21, 2017

    Chuck prepares his take on some classics for his toughest critics of all– his family.

    “Cooking is a really revealing thing. You really put yourself out there... If you’re talented - and lucky, people love what you make. For a restaurant, there’s nothing as scary as critics. We’ve worked really hard and been fortunate to get a lot of really great reviews... At the end of the day though you have to just trust yourself and rely on the people around you... Toady I’m cooking for my toughest critics: my family. Cause as long as they’re happy, I know I’m on the right track...”

    Music featured in this episode: Dee, The Trews, Two Hours Traffic

  • The Hangover Show

    Season 1 - February 21, 2017

    Chuck whips up a hangover breakfast to energize him and his oyster shucking buddy Robert for the day ahead.

    “ Today.... Is it my day off today? Ha ha.... Last night was insane. Like... a little crazy. My good buddy Robert is in town. Robert is not only an oyster shucking champion, a hell of a fiddler, and a good friend – he is also a one man party. Anyhow, I want to make sure Robert and I rebound and make the most of his day in town. They say a good brekkie cures all, so I’m hopping into the kitchen to whip up a breakfast of champions...”

    Music featured in this episode: The Arkells, Beast, Bedouin Soundclash, Mobile, Sam Roberts Band, Two Hours Traffic

  • The Disaster Show

    Season 1 - February 19, 2017

    Chuck’s repair guys worked overtime to keep the restaurant going during the week, so Chuck spends his day off cooking a thank you meal for them.

    “We all have kitchen disasters, but the stuff that goes wrong in a restaurant is unreal. One thing leads to another.... and another...This week we had some real nightmares, and our repair guys did what they had to get us through and let us finish our week. Today’s my day off and David and Howard are coming by later for some final check up work, and I’m gonna feed them to say thanks, and to keep them happy... They saved us... and it won’t be the last time...’”

    Music featured in this episode: The Arkells, The Trews, Two Hours Traffic

  • The Boys Across The Road

    Season 1 - February 19, 2017

    Chuck cooks a good, hearty meal for the kitchen staff from the restaurant across the road.

    “The guys I’m going to cook for today are from the restaurant next door. They’re my competition but they’re also good friends. It’s a healthy competition. I always end up borrowing stuff from them and they always borrow stuff from me. A lot of stuff was borrowed from them this weekend, and now that it’s my day off, and everything’s kind of settling down, I’m going to repay them. I’ll just give them a good meal. I’m cooking for me, I’m cooking for friends. I’m cooking because I want to and not because I have to.”  - Chuck

    Music featured in this episode: Beast, Sam Roberts Band

  • Grazing, Gabby Girls

    Season 1 - February 18, 2017

    Knowing what his female customers want is key to the Chuck’s success so he invites some regular customers down for some “research:

    “I love girls. Who doesn’t love girls? Girls are almost always the ones that make the reservations, or if the guy is making the reservation, it’s because the girl told him too, so it’s important to know what they like and what they want to eat. I have some girls coming in today that have been good clients and over the years we’ve become really good friends. I’m having a little focus group, we’re gonna try out a couple of dishes, it’s a good excuse to hang out with some girls on my day off in the kitchen. ”

    Music featured in this episode: Creature, Two Hours Traffic

  • Fish Wars

    Season 1 - February 18, 2017

    Chuck invites his fish suppliers down for a sampling of their goods done HIS way.

    “It’s no coincidence that I have lobsters, oysters and shrimp tattooed on my arms. I’m mad for seafood, and it makes up a big part of Garde Manger’s menu. For the freshest of the fresh, I rely on two guys: Ian Wiseman and the mythical Costa. Two eccentric, passionate, fish-loving.... rivals. The thing is, they both have their specialties, and they don’t know that for the last little while I’ve been ‘cheating’ on them with the other... This week was a big fish week and they’re both coming down with fresh stuff today. I figure if I feed them they can’t be that mad, can they?”

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Sam Roberts Band

  • Staff Meal

    Season 1 - February 17, 2017

    Chuck spends the day preparing a meal built around the potato for his hard working staff.

    “Last night was nuts. The place was jam packed. The staff pulled together, made it happen, everything is all good, everybody left happy, so no big one. Today, on my day off, is our staff meeting. Once a month I like to get together, talk about what’s going on, what’s coming up and just sit down, reconnect, have a good meal together, relax, just, enjoy ourselves for once.”

    Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Two Hours Traffic

  • The Bro Show

    Season 1 - February 17, 2017

    Chuck cooks up some restaurant favorites for his partners to celebrate their 2 year anniversary.

    “Owning your own restaurant is not as easy as it looks. You have to make it look easy, but really in the end it’s a lot of hard work. Days off around here are really, really busy -busy for my partners too. Tim and Sean are obviously my business partners, but also two of my best friends. This year we celebrated our second year anniversary... I can’t even believe we made it this far but hey... Today’s my day off and I’m going to be cooking for the guys, kinda going back to the old days, all of us hanging out and reminiscing, you know, having fun. “

    Music featured in this episode: Beast, Creature, Mobile