Chuck's Day Off

Chuck's Day Off

Episode Description

The Hottest Day Ever

Chuck and his tattoo artist are looking for way to beat the heat with some good eats so Chuck prepares a great summer menu.

“This week has been a killer in the restaurant. When the summer season ramps up and it’s ridiculously hot... the week just feels longer. And we’re in the old part of the city... Great for business, but 100 year old buildings aren’t the easiest to work in when it’s hot. Today’s my day off, and I promised I’d cook some grub and catch up with my tattoo artist, Safwan... But look at it outside: there’s no way I can spend all day in the kitchen. So here’s the plan – we’re gonna eat al fresco, Chuck-style... right out in front of the restaurant.”

Music featured in this episode: Bedouin Soundclash, Mobile

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