Dinner Party Wars

Dinner Party Wars

Dinner Party Wars - Episode Guide

Season 3

  • Smoking the Competition

    Season 3 - May 8, 2017

    Summer and Greg whip up a meat-heavy menu and kick things off with a caveman-inspired workout. Best friends Sara and Amanda put a modern spin on Middle Eastern fare but first ask their guests to reveal a few secrets. Josh and Zach’s apple-themed event gets off to a racy start with a challenge that turns up the heat.
    With catty conversationalists and a final course that’s downright smoking, the battle is on.

  • Zings and Arrows

    Season 3 - May 5, 2017

    Lorraine and Jay challenge their guests to a sushi-making contest but the real challenge is serving drinks and dinner on time. Friends Liviu and Jamshid host a chair-free dinner party that features an archery contest, a dirty kitchen, and a dazzling waterfront setting. Beverly and Jeff kick off their ‘super foods’ soirée with a spaghetti and marshmallow building game, but stress in the kitchen throws off their pacing.

    With a broken barbecue, intravenous red wine, and a last-minute dash to save a soup, the heat is on.

  • Smoking Buns

    Season 3 - May 4, 2017

    With their country comfort menu, Ginny and Ivor pair family-style fare with a preachy home-brewed wine game. Mimi and Matt’s Asian fusion menu falls short of expectations but the lackluster event ends with a jam session. Soon-to-be-weds Robb and Glen kick off their fancy soirée with a dice-balancing act and an impromptu sculpture contest.

    With an anti-smoking vigilante, sour grapes, and an exquisite two-faced soup, the tables are set for a culinary smackdown.

  • Fondue Free For All

    Season 3 - May 3, 2017

    Combining a taste of Holland with a whiff of the East coast, Richard and Sandra kick off their spirited event with a fish-kissing ceremony. While their guests show up ready for a 1970s disco night, co-hosts Rhenu and Sharin teleport to the wrong decade. Jason and Reshma’s prom-night event features mandatory ball gowns and corsages, and a stressed-out host who ODs on energy drinks.

    With lackluster fare, heavy perspiration, and a tie-breaking decision for the record books, the tables are set for a showdown.

  • Tattoo to Tango

    Season 3 - May 2, 2017

    Best friends Candace and Christine throw down the gauntlet with a scripted farm-fresh event that’s timed down to the minute. Tattooed and pregnant with twins, Adam and Correne cook up a ‘comfortably different’ soiree where tensions run high and the awkward silences are served up cold. Jason and Lavinia prepare a Mediterranean menu with back-to-back lasagna dishes and cue cards designed to spice up the conversation.

    Featuring skull painting crafts at the dinner table and egg-balancing tricks out back, the tables are set for a culinary smackdown.

  • Get Ready to Crumble

    Season 3 - May 1, 2017

    Co-hosts and kung ‘food’ experts RG and Sean serve up a spicy event where one guest proves she’s a real slugger. Lidia and Natasha get preachy about macrobiotic cooking but their lackluster event heats up in the horse paddock. Challenged by a flirtatious scheme designed to throw them off their game, stressed-out hosts Renee and Rex abandon their guests to prepare a fancy seafood fusion menu.

    Featuring a gassy meal and an arm wrestling faceoff, the tables are set for a culinary battle where even the judges exchange blows.

  • Drenched for Dinner

    Season 3 - April 28, 2017

    After a torrential downpour washes away their petting zoo plans, Alyson and Jordan serve up a farm-fresh meal where one guest railroads the conversation. Mother and son duo Catherine and Sebastien go back to their roots with a fancy French feast that includes a bout of fencing and DIY dessert. Friends Stephanie and Al turn up the volume with a disco club party where a stripper pole in the living room takes centre stage.

    Featuring mind-expanding icebreakers, a frog-leg fiesta and a tabletop barbecue, the heat is on.

  • All Greek to Me

    Season 3 - April 27, 2017

    Determined to surf and turf the competition with their shipwreck theme, Lisa and John bury the backyard in sand. Hottie duo Erina and Elena steam things up with an alcohol-soaked Russian-centric menu that’s heavy on peer pressure. Heritage-proud Greeks Helen and Greg whip up a Hellenic feast complete with a backyard roasting pit, a sticky serving of ‘smart food’, and a plate-smashing finale.

    With flammable fishcakes, flying vodka, and sizzling sheep, the tables are set for a culinary smackdown.

  • Ragin' with the Cajun

    Season 3 - April 26, 2017

    Featuring a bagpiping greeter and friction in the kitchen, sisters Kelly and Susan nail their simple menu but get lost in the fog on their British party theme. Staging a spicy New Orleans-inspired soirée, newlyweds Jerome and Jodi get things off to a rocking start but the conversation fades around the table. Only two months into their relationship, Sal and Heidi put their love to the test with a colorful Mexican fiesta where the medley of games leaves the guests divided.

    With a streaker in the sprinkler, some shady predictions, and a game of pin-the-tail-on-the-judges, the heat is on.

  • Flirting with Disaster

    Season 3 - April 25, 2017

    Students and vegetarians Sydney and Matas host a college frat party complete with meat-free burgers, a bouncer, and plenty of beer. Determined to demystify French cuisine, Celene and Cal tackle an ambitious ten-course menu but end up biting off more than they can chew. At their poolside Italian-style barbecue, Diane and John serve up signature poetry, undercooked crustaceans, and a side order of innuendo.

    Featuring racy repartee, a history lecture, and a sword-slinging bottle opener, the battle is on.

  • Fine Whining

    Season 3 - April 24, 2017

    Brother-and-sister duo Daniela and Vince prepare an overeaters’ extravaganza complete with sinful figs, cell phone violations, an electric knife massacre, and a flirty, floral finish. Something smells fishy at Karolina and Tiffany’s music-themed soirée and in spite of a lackluster main and surprise dietary restrictions, the evening ends on a sweet note. Sue and Mike’s maple-themed menu features bomb-shelter rice and cocktails, but things heat up when they unveil a racy lie detector game and a bubble wrapped hot tub extravaganza.
    The battle is on with a fashion faux pas, a sneaky pair of underpants, and an impromptu marriage proposal.

  • Too Cool for Pool

    Season 3 - April 21, 2017

    On Chef Corbin’s orders, roommates Sara and Kristen (aka Bob) improvise a few starters. Their early success is upstaged by an overdose of garlic and a barefoot guest who monopolizes the conversation. A foodie duo to be reckoned with, Rob and Maxine whip up a seven-course soirée complete with messy oysters and a Mexican standoff. Beyond the lackluster Guyanese-inspired menu, Jorn and Devi’s school-themed party features a foosball match and an outdoor playground complete with swings and a trampoline.

    With a snooping guest, a tricky tequila prank, and a diner who ends up soaking wet, the tables are set for a culinary smack down.

  • Cross Dressing for Dinner

    Season 3 - April 20, 2017

    With a river of booze and mountainous portions, amorous newlyweds Brad and Misty go big with a German-inspired menu before inviting their guests to get nearly naked. Neighbors and culinary compadres Kat and Karen treat their guests to a molecular gastronomy workshop followed by a cold, moist wipe-down and a seriously delayed roast tenderloin. Lifelong co-hosts Scott and Aneil literally sweat the details but serve up a knockout peanut butter pie with a drag queen finale.
    The heat is on with a rash of smoke breaks, an out of control hand bandit, and a party that ends up in the hot tub.

Season 2

  • An Indecent Proposal

    Season 2 - April 19, 2017

    Father-and-daughter duo Ian and Megan prepare a fancy fusion feast where a conversation about exes proves explosive! Paul and Leanne’s elegant soirée features foodie highs and lows but it’s the hosts who sing for their supper. While Lisa spends the evening on her feet, boyfriend Lee is busy cooking up a spicy surprise.
  • A Pizza The Action

    Season 2 - April 18, 2017

    Robert and Brenda stage an all-you-can-eat surf’n’turf showdown where she serves up a few conversation bombs. Etiquette-challenged brothers Marco and Norm produce an Italian-inspired self-serve event. Christine and Louis prepare a complicated menu and killer cocktails but their meat-lover’s feast hits a raw nerve.
  • A Bird in the Hand… Bag

    Season 2 - April 17, 2017

    Policemen John and Chris prepare a British Isles menu but even the spicy discussion can’t distract from a serious meal delay. Dee and Mark’s red carpet event goes from glamour to guano when her cockatoos join the party! Sandy and Rayissa serve up a Southern comfort soirée that’s upstaged by the heat in the kitchen.
  • High On The Hog

    Season 2 - April 14, 2017

    Johnny and Angela’s Mediterranean-inspired fancy feast features huge portions and a seriously cocky attitude. Wacky pals Cecelia and Laurel cook up a traditional Sunday dinner where a laughing competition has everyone in stitches. While Adele calls the shots in the kitchen, husband Mark follows his marching orders thanks to an armband cheat sheet.
  • It's a Family Affair

    Season 2 - April 13, 2017

    Foodie soulmates Erin and Dara prepare a vegetarian feast but their guests are left wondering ‘Where’s the beef?’ Sylvia and Neal’s secret word game is a crowd-pleaser but their barbecued main course hits a snag. Under pressure to live up to their trash talk, Leslie-Ann and Glen lose points for some uninspired choices.
  • Photo Finish

    Season 2 - April 12, 2017

    With their 1960s retro soirée, Vivian and Craig lose points for presentation but score big for revealing their guests’ inner strength. Librarian hosts Heather and Robert vow to impress but while he frets about the food, she reveals a jealous streak. Tahira and Jacqui’s photography-themed party leaves their guests divided.
  • Jamaica Me Hungry

    Season 2 - April 11, 2017

    Sandy and Gary tackle a judge’s favorite but their spicy appetizers and delayed main become a bone of contention. Sharlene and Inoka transform a simple menu into a showstopper but the conversation turns frosty. Geraldine and Marc are determined to win with their Caribbean theme but their attitude puts a damper on the festivities.
  • Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

    Season 2 - April 10, 2017

    With their congenial frat party vibe, Brad and Craig host a hearty feast that puts their guests at ease — at least at first! Christina and Mary whip up a picture-perfect Asian meal but are in for a bumpy night. With a mystery couple on the guest list, Massimo and Jeannine serve up dry conversation with their sumptuous international fare.
  • Gnocchi Knockdown

    Season 2 - April 7, 2017

    Nigel and Sabia concoct an Indian fusion party but the outstanding food and entertainment are upstaged by their own kitchen drama. Kenneth and his ‘Princess’ Catherine serve up a basement surprise that raises eyebrows. Determined to win big, Jason and Robert host a Mexican-inspired wrestling-themed event.
  • Fast Cars, Raw Flesh

    Season 2 - April 6, 2017

    Lisa and Dave serve up raw meat and get an impromptu lecture in pronunciation. Father and son duo Frank and Daniel kick off their Italo-centric soirée by serenading the ladies in a basement meat locker. While their fancy feast comes across more like a church supper, Joan and Mike’s entertainment includes a bucking-bronco joyride.
  • Hungary for Love

    Season 2 - April 5, 2017

    When their foodie feast falls behind schedule, Chris and Malcolm’s frozen guests resort to drinking to stay warm. Myla and Lazlo serve up a meat-laden Hungarian soirée that’s as spirited as it is surprising. Newlyweds Bree and Krystian’s party is picture-perfect but the conversation is served cold.
  • Truth or Dairy

    Season 2 - April 4, 2017

    Kathryn and Kirk master teamwork but their dining room performance leaves their guests feeling cold. With kosher kitchen skills and bulletproof confidence, Molly and Greg serve up culinary chaos and a railroaded conversation. Lori and her daughter Sara’s Italian event features a boozy basement foosball match and a chef who’s stuck the kitchen.
  • Chicken Bingo

    Season 2 - April 3, 2017

    Liz and Don blindfold their guests testing both their patience and their senses. Stephanie and Mike prepare a foodie feast complete with a mystery wine game that hits a nerve. Featuring a rustic evening in an authentic farm setting, best friends Colleen and Cathy get the party started with a chicken-chasing challenge.

Season 1

  • Booze, Boas & Barbecues

    Season 1 - March 31, 2017

    Sylvia and Jason throw an Old Hollywood-themed gala party that turns heads with its strict 'no alcohol' policy. Ngaan and Michael's rural home becomes a cultural crossroads with an African-inspired event that features no dining table, seats or cutlery, and ends with one sophisticated couple stewing over their dishwashing chore. And finally, Susie and Nate round out the week with a sexy gathering complete with an erotic platter. Will it be too hot for the other guests to handle?
  • Sultry Suppers

    Season 1 - March 30, 2017

    Best friends Rod and DK dress up as the Mad Hatter and Queen of Hearts for an over-the-top tea party. As they sip their jabberwocky tea, their shell-shocked guests suspect they're the ones going 'mad.' Young'uns Casey and James turn on the charm with a Southern comfort-themed event, but it quickly turns into Southern discomfort with a crippling kitchen catastrophe and fried fare that's covered in flies. And finally, a cocky and shirtless Luis dons his apron to prepare his fancy French menu as wife Andrea looks on... But will his over-confidence be his demise?
  • City Mouse, Country Mouse

    Season 1 - March 29, 2017

    Cynthia and Mike's country bash gets steamy as their city slicker guests try to stay cool in the blistering heat while swatting flies from their farm-fresh food. Drill sergeant Brigitte consults her dinner party plan of attack while her underling Dave stays out of the way by starting some very personal conversation around the table. And finally, party girls Katrina and Julia attempt to distract their guests from the menu with strong drinks and dirty dancing.
  • Undress for Dinner

    Season 1 - March 28, 2017

    With their messy house and garden, young newlyweds Sarah and Byron are in over their heads with a Caribbean-inspired menu that starts on a sour note. Accomplished foodies and best friends Dee and Isabelle hold court in their beautiful downtown home, until Sarah reveals her competitive streak with a bathroom surprise. And finally, Paula and Domenic are determined to treat their guests to a regal Italian feast, and although Domenic puts a damper on the conversation, the party heats up when the cover comes off the hot tub.
  • Belly Flop

    Season 1 - March 27, 2017

    Deb and Simon's over-prepared party has been in the works for days but the strict timetable leaves it's up to the guests to spice up the dull conversation. Frank and Angela's Moroccan-inspired affair includes a Marrakesh-meets-Vegas home makeover and although no gimmick will get Simon to crack a smile, a belly dancer inspires everyone else to shake it. And finally, brothers Michael and Daniel dedicate their Shabbat-inspired dinner to their Grandma, but surely she would have something to say about their lackluster hygiene.
  • The Kids’ Table

    Season 1 - March 24, 2017

    Nav and Rita strut their culinary stuff with an India-meets-Argentina menu, but their spice game lacks bite and misfits Mike and Mary aren't impressed. Mary's lackluster Peruvian meal — including woody asparagus with the wrong ends cut off — is only slightly more exciting than Mike's holiday slide show. Then, the evening gets risque with a surprisingly intimate art exhibit. Everyone quickly gets sauced at Barbara and Brian's meticulously planned evening, and Mike and Mary conspire to distract their hosts from the main event.
  • Opa!

    Season 1 - March 23, 2017

    Anthony and Charmaine's Greek-inspired menu fails to impress Peter the Greek, and after a Chilean sea bass inquiry, the couple's 'bobbing for grapes' game puts everyone on edge. Heather and Drew's evening includes great food and body painting, but when an appetizer finds its way into the sink, the arguments begin. And finally, Peter decides to show everyone what authentic Greek cuisine with the biggest menu ever seen on Dinner Party Wars.
  • It’s ALIVE

    Season 1 - March 22, 2017

    Adventurous in the kitchen, Lianne and Brian attempt a new Thai-inspired menu that ends up being spicier than the discussion at the table. Mother and daughter duo Setsuko and Christine serve up Montreal diner fare before surprising their guests with the freshest dinner any of them have ever seen, then a picture-perfect meal and ping-pong. And finally, Rudy and Domenic prepare a meal that's true to their Italian heritage, although their machismo takes a beating when they challenge Christine to slaughter her meal and take on sexy Lianne in a flirting contest.
  • Smoking Guinea Pig

    Season 1 - March 21, 2017

    Ryan and Charlene's processed food party gets off on the wrong foot when the host asks everyone to take off their shoes, but the evening ends in a happy whiff of hookah smoke. While worker bee Norm toils in the kitchen, his queen, Peggy, invites her guests to bare their souls, and after Ryan bares too much, a furry surprise guest arrives on the table. And finally, at Amanda and Zara's, the guests are treated to an intense foodie show-and-tell including a video starring the chickens that laid the eggs for the evening's meal.
  • Cats & Hammered

    Season 1 - March 20, 2017

    World travelers Mardi and Neil set a culinary course to all seven continents, but the adventurous menu and rudderless planning force more than one guest to send out an SOS! Dinner party pros Nadirah and Massimo give it all they've got but meet their match when it comes to pre-dessert entertainment. And why is Mardi taking travel photos at the dinner table? And finally, lovebirds Madalene and Jonas do up a spring-themed menu that leaves the guests cold: Jonas can't get the barbie started, Madalene can’t handle the heat, and this has judges Anthea and Corbin running for the ice cream man.
  • Whine and Cheese

    Season 1 - March 17, 2017

    Marsha and Brian's Caribbean-inspired evening gets off to a boozeless start with a mandatory dance lesson and a prayer that has one of the guests seeing red. Sue and Michael are determined to outclass the competition but their wine lecture and spit bucket-centerpiece prove to be a major turnoff. And finally, stale bread, serving delays and a main course that never materializes put a damper on Anne and Ryan's innovative, yet totally bizarre, Victorian tea party event.
  • Duck, Duck, Swan

    Season 1 - March 16, 2017

    At AJ and Sabrina's beach party, subdued suburbanites Veronica and Dan aren't impressed with the party girls' inflatable sea creature décor. At Veronica and Dan's, AJ has a showdown with a very angry river swan. And finally, Liz and Keith's gourmet foodie feast takes a beating when their high-end duck pâté is compared to cat food.
  • The Bold & Brash

    Season 1 - March 15, 2017

    Since they used to run a bar together, former prison guard Joanne (a.k.a. Scrappy) and her pal Robert are confident about serving large groups. But even with all their prep finished with time to spare, will their culinary prowess measure up to their social skills? Feisty cookery students Stephen and JJ are determined to outclass the competition with their gourmet food. But with their vodka-enhanced approach and ‘Around the World’ menu of nine complicated dishes, have they bitten off more than they can chew? And finally, with their suburban Bohemian approach to entertaining, Roberto and Cynthia are combining a Mediterranean-inspired meal with an improvised musical interlude. Will their garlic-centric menu and restaurant approach to hosting hit a sour note with the judges?