Food Network Canada’s latest hit show has the nation delirious for doughnuts! Three more competitors will fry or be fried on tonight’s episode, including Calgary native Grayson Sherman. The co-owner of Jelly Modern Doughnuts has an impressive resume in New York City’s cut-throat kitchens and Calgary’s fine-dining scene; he’s dreamed up over 120 doughnut flavours in his career. Sherman popped by downtown Toronto (and judge Zane‘s) deli, Caplansky’s, to give us a couple more sweet facts about this West Coast competitor.
grayson sherman

Are you a tie or bow tie kind of guy?   Bow tie — I’m a throw back!

What was your first concert? Abba, Wembley Stadium in London.

Why did you decide to compete in Donut Showdown? It was a phenomenal opportunity to not only showcase what I do for a living day in and day out, but also to showcase the dynamic culinary scene that’s happening in Calgary. Also to show people that doughnuts deserve their place at the top.

Bragging rights: He snagged victory in another competition after spending 36 hours crafting a doughnut gingerbread house. Will his winning streak continue on the Donut Showdown stage? Tune in tonight at 10PM ET/PT to find out!