Farmhouse Rules

Farmhouse Rules

Farmhouse Rules - Episode Guide

Season 5

  • Farmer's Feast

    Season 5 - March 18, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is hosting a dinner for the hardworking farmers of the Farm Bureau, who volunteer to promote agriculture in the New York area. She honors their work by creating a succulent meal of Devils on the Water, Shortrib Stew with Port and Horseradish Creme, Savory Garlic Scones with Herb Cheese Spread, Hasty Pudding with Vanilla Cinnamon Whipped Cream and Fancy Farmer's Cocktails.

  • Alfresco on the Farm

    Season 5 - March 11, 2017

    Nancy Fuller and her husband, David, are having a romantic alfresco dinner, and Nancy's whipping up the very same foods they ate on their first date! For this fresh, farmhouse-style meal, she's making Crispy Fried Lamb Chops with Fresh Mint Jelly, Shrimp Scampi with Bucatini Noodles, Fresh Bean Salad with Creamy Caesar Vinaigrette and Bourbon-Soaked Cherry Bread Pudding with Vanilla Cream Sauce.

  • All Aboard the Farmhouse Express!

    Season 5 - March 4, 2017

    Nancy Fuller's daughter Nita and her kids are visiting for the weekend, so she wants to treat them to a special, scenic ride on the Catskill Mountain Railroad. She's making Honey Fried Chicken, Cobb Salad with Bacon Buttermilk Dressing, Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake, Frozen Basil Lemonades and Sweet and Salty Conductor Corn for a salty snack on the train.

  • Reunion on the Farm

    Season 5 - February 25, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is hosting a family reunion, inviting the family to come back to their roots and get their hands dirty on the farm. Nancy's making all of her farmhouse favorites to reward their hard work, including Farmstyle Chicken and Drop Dumplings, Big Leafy Green Salad with Goat Cheese Tarts, Banana Cream Pie with Graham Cracker Crust, plus Rhubarb Reunion Cocktail and Spritzer for Kids.

  • Treasures in the Attic

    Season 5 - February 18, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is cleaning out the attic with two of her beautiful granddaughters, searching for hidden treasures to pass down to their generation. Then, they're feasting on a delicious meal of Homemade Orange Marmalade and Hand-Rolled Whole Grain Crackers, Nancy's Creamed Chipped Beef, Rainbow Roasted Vegetables, and the most beautiful Fresh Peach and Blueberry Upside-Down Cake you've ever seen!

  • Fast Times on the Farm

    Season 5 - February 11, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is whipping up a quick but entirely mouthwatering meal for a few of her lady friends that she's having over for lunch. She's making Hot Pressed Reubens with Kicked-Up Russian Dressing, Spicy Tomato and Cheddar Soup, Crispy Lemon Garlic Kale Chips with Creamy Cool Dip, Chunky Blackberry and Peanut Butter Crumble, and a tangy Grapefruit-Ade to go with the meal.

  • Two Ladies on the Farm

    Season 5 - February 4, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is inviting her new friend, Kardea Brown, to the farm to learn some of Kardea's soul food secrets. They're making Salt and Pepper Biscuits with Bacon Butter, Grilled Shrimp and Corn Salad with Herb Lime Dressing, Crawfish Pie, Caramel and Cashew Pull-Apart Bread with Coffee Ice Cream, and a Pimm's Cup Cocktail to wash everything down.

  • The Great Outdoors

    Season 5 - January 28, 2017

    Nancy Fuller invites her daughter Sarah and her family over for a hike and picnic-style lunch smack dab in the middle of nature. She's making BBQ Braised Brisket Sandwiches, Nancy's Classic Creamy Coleslaw, Ultimate Deviled Eggs and for dessert, Old Fashioned Hand Churned Vanilla Ice Cream with Wet Walnuts.

  • Book Drive at the Barn

    Season 5 - January 21, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is hosting a book drive in her barn for the local library; she's hired a band and is inviting the whole community. She's making some of her favorite catering classics, including Creamy Crab and Bacon Endive Boats, Chicken Divan Casserole, Apple Puffs with Meringue and the tastiest Milk Punch you've ever had.

  • Boxcar Beauties

    Season 5 - January 14, 2017

    Nancy Fuller is showing her grandkids how things are done on the farm and in the kitchen! The kids first learn how to tractor-plant seeds fresh in the soil of the farmland. Then, back in the kitchen, they're learning how to make easy and delicious dishes any kid could master: Fresh Vegetable Lasagna with Spinach and Zucchini, Chicken Taco Pacos, Crinkle Cut Carrots and Zesty Herb Dip and for dessert, chocolatey Creep Critter Bars. Finally, it's a boxcar race after dinner!

  • A Farmer's Family Christmas

    Season 5 - December 3, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is celebrating Christmas Eve with ease, making Crown Roast of Pork with Chestnut Sausage Stuffing, Glazed Carrots with Marjoram, and Christmas Cookies for Santa! Along with the delicious meal come time-honored traditions, like trimming the tree, opening presents, and an after-dinner Ice Cream Egg Nog for the adults.

  • A Haunting in Hudson

    Season 5 - October 29, 2016

    It's Halloween and Nancy Fuller is pulling out all the freaky stops, turning her happy farm into a haunted adventure! Dressed as the Bride of Frankenstein, she's inviting her friends and children from the neighborhood over to enjoy some ghoulish treats: Cheesy Spider Dip, Bursting Intestines, Sweet Pumpkin Mousse, Bloodshot Buckeyes, and Black Death Fizzes to wash it all down.

  • A Nancy Fuller Thanksgiving

    Season 5 - October 1, 2016

    Nancy Fuller and her husband, David, are hosting Thanksgiving dinner, and this year, she's sharing some fresh, time-saving spins on her favorite turkey-day dishes. Nancy relives some of the best moments from holidays past and makes new family memories as she prepares Rolled Turkey Breast with Nutty Fruit Stuffing, Thanksgiving Succotash, Mashed Potatoes with Sour Cream and Fresh Horseradish and Pumpkin and Apple Pie.

Season 4

  • A Farmer's Family Tree

    Season 4 - April 9, 2016

    Nancy is rediscovering her family history through her rulebook, starting with the first rule ever written down. She takes us on a culinary journey through her family's history and then back home, she makes a small family tree with the grandkids, shares family stories and they all sit down to a real Fuller family dinner: Ham Souffle, Baked Beans, French Pickles and Molasses Cookies With Boiled Marshmallow Frosting.

  • Mother-Daughter Dinner Party

    Season 4 - April 2, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is having two of her daughters and two of her granddaughters over for a mother-daughter dinner party. She's making all of her favorite classic recipes: Chicken Liver Mousse, Welsh Rarebit, Beef Bourguignon, Russian Wedge Salad, and Creme Brulee. It's going to be a party that these women will remember for years to come!

  • From Farmhouse to Firehouse

    Season 4 - March 19, 2016

    Today, Nancy Fuller is bringing the farmhouse to the firehouse with her food. She's whipping up a spicy meal to say thank you to the local men and women who serve the community. She makes her Famous Spicy Three-Meat Chili, Jalapeno Cornbread, Creamed Kale with Pearl Onions, and Fiery Triple Chocolate Cream Pie.

  • Bunkin' With GiGi

    Season 4 - March 12, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is inviting her daughter Nita and her four kids up for a weekend getaway! She's made up the attic above the kitchen for the kiddos to bunk in while she cooks up a meal of Sausage-Stuffed Zucchini Boats, Dressed Up Grilled Cheese, and Loaded Baked Potato Soup that will leave them all smiles, especially when they see the dessert ... Sweet Cherry Pie with Sprinkled Ice Cream Scoops!

  • Hudson 500, International Farmway

    Season 4 - March 5, 2016

    Nothing gives Nancy Fuller a greater thrill than putting the pedal to the metal in her farm truck, so she's grilling up a race-themed menu for her family before they head out to the racetracks. She's making Grilled Barbecue Chicken Sandwiches, Grilled Fruit and Vegetable Kabobs, Victory Lap Nachos, and for dessert, Checkered Flag Cake.

  • The Bowlerinas

    Season 4 - February 27, 2016

    Nancy and her ladies' bowling team made it into the finals! Before the big tournament, Nancy invites the team over for a good luck brunch of Cream Cheese Stuffed French Toast, Sausage and Bacon Hash, Berry Granola Parfait and Bowlerinas Punch.

  • The Auctionista

    Season 4 - February 20, 2016

    Nancy Fuller loves finding hidden treasures at the auctions she attends, and her house is full of them. After a heavy morning of auctioning with one of her gal pals, Nancy offers to cook a decadent lunch to celebrate their newly found treasures. They enjoy Poached Salmon Salad, Herbed Rice Pilaf, Asparagus with Hollandaise, Sweet Pea Springtime Mimosa, and a delicious Strawberry Buckle with Vanilla Ice Cream.

  • David's Surprise Party

    Season 4 - February 13, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is throwing a surprise birthday party for her husband. David loves Italian, so that's what's on the menu: Fried Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta and Goat Cheese, Spaghetti and Lamb Meatballs, Chopped Caprese Salad, and Farmhouse Lemon Birthday Bars. Nothing but the best for David on his birthday!

  • Hoppy and Happy

    Season 4 - February 6, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is using local hops in her meal today, when she tops by her friends' brewery to pick up all different kinds of beer for cooking and baking. Then, she invites the brewers back to the farm for a comforting dinner that's out of this world. On the menu are Beer-Braised Beef Stew, Ale and Cheddar Biscuits, Kale Salad with Amber Ale Vinaigrette and Fudge Cake with Stout Glaze.

  • The Root Cellar

    Season 4 - January 30, 2016

    Nancy Fuller has all kinds of ideas for the fruits and vegetables she's stored and preserved from the season in her root cellar. On the menu: Ham Steak with Apple Mustard Chutney, Shredded Beet and Carrot Salad, Scalloped Vegetable Casserole, Honey Ginger Lemonade and for dessert, Butterscotch Pudding with Chocolate Ganache.

  • Artsy Appetizers

    Season 4 - January 23, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is catering a cocktail party in town at the Hudson Opera House. All of her friends will be in attendance for an exhibition of "Harvest," a collection of abstract art that celebrates the fruit of a farmer's labor. She's making all the appetizers — Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms, Roquefort-Rolled Grapes, Oysters Rockefeller, Seared Beef Tenderloin Bites — and Starving Artist Cocktail.

  • Jam-Packed Meal

    Season 4 - January 16, 2016

    Nancy Fuller is visiting her friend Beth to taste and pick up some of her famous jams! Then she takes them back in the kitchen to put her Farmhouse Rules to the test, using them in her recipes, making Sage-Rubbed Chicken with Peach Jam Glaze, Spinach Salad, Roasted Turnips, and Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Parfait with Frozen Yogurt and Toasted Walnut Brittle!

  • Bonfire Bonding

    Season 4 - January 9, 2016

    Nancy is having the family over for some good old-fashioned bonfire bonding! First, she heads to her local bakery to pick up a fresh boule of sourdough for her French Onion Soup bowls and then finishes up the rest of the meal (Homemade Beef Stock, Pork Chop Layered Salad With Blue Cheese Dressing and Chocolate Toffee No-Bake Cookies) while the family gets the bonfire started in the backyard.

Season 3

  • Home For the Holidays

    Season 3 - December 5, 2015

    The whole family is home for the holidays this year and Nancy is putting together a feast with everyone's favorites. There's Prime Rib Roast With Red Wine Au Jus, Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin, Yorkshire Pudding Popovers and Gingerbread With Cranberry Curd. After dinner, Nancy gathers the grandchildren for a reading of a holiday classic and maybe even a visit from Santa himself!

  • A Hunting She Will Go

    Season 3 - November 28, 2015

    Nancy and her friend Jeanne are out skeet shooting, and meet a local who's been duck hunting who shares some of his duck-hunting catch in exchange for a dinner invite. They all enjoy Duck Cacciatore, Warm and Cheesy Artichoke Dip With Grilled Toasts, Cheesy Mashed Potatoes and Rustic Ginger Plum Tart.

  • Adventure on the Hudson

    Season 3 - November 21, 2015

    Nancy and her family are hitting the high seas of the Hudson River, to have a picnic on one of the uninhabited islands of the waterways. They enjoy Grilled Striped Bass With Fire Roasted Onions and Peppers, German Potato Salad and Grilled Banana Pound Cake With Chocolate Sauce.

  • Fabric of a Farm Town

    Season 3 - November 14, 2015

    Nancy has invited some of her best friends over to begin a community quilt. They enjoy a celebratory farm lunch of Classic Rosemary Lamb Chops, Twice Baked Potatoes, Sauteed Garlic Broccoli Rabe and Black and White Dipped Homemade Shortbread.

  • School Garden

    Season 3 - November 7, 2015

    Students from Nancy’s local school have been hard at work on a school garden and Nancy’s daughter Lorinda, a school principal in North Carolina, is in town to see how they accomplished this feat. Nancy invites a few of the kids over to see her farm and to enjoy a delicious dinner with some of the ingredients they grew. They all enjoy Pasta Primavera With Handmade Linguini, Herb-Buttered Corn on the Cob, Zesty Garden Vegetable Bread Salad and S'mores Chocolate Chip Cookies.

  • Murder Mystery Farmhouse Dinner

    Season 3 - October 24, 2015

    Nancy is hosting a Murder Mystery Farmhouse Dinner with some friends on Halloween. She makes Garlicky Chicken Parmesan, Green Broccoli Cauldron Soup, Blood Red Velvet Cake and Hemlock Cocktails for the party, which is complete with costumes, characters and a classic whodunit!

  • Farm Girl Meets City Boy

    Season 3 - October 17, 2015

    Nancy and David are back at the country club where they first met, where David is competing in a golf tournament and Nancy is catering. Nancy makes Prime Rib Sandwiches With Horseradish Sauce, Sweet Potato Steak Fries, Gopher Bars and a Back Nine Cocktail for all the golfers to enjoy.

  • Aunt Jean is Back in Town

    Season 3 - October 10, 2015

    Nancy's Aunt Jean is back in town, and Nancy is treating her to one of her favorite dishes, Fish and Chips with a Tangy Tartar Sauce and Super Simple Succotash on the side. Nancy also visits a woman who makes handcrafted bitters for the Honey Pear Icebox Trifle With Soft and Easy Ginger Snaps she makes for her aunt.

  • Farmhouse Thanksgiving

    Season 3 - October 3, 2015

    Nancy is hosting Thanksgiving dinner for her family. She makes Roasted Turkey With Herb Gravy, Oyster Stuffing, Homemade Green Bean Casserole and Perfect Pumpkin Cakes, complete with eggs from her daughter-in-law's chicken coop!

  • Hudson Valley Bounty

    Season 3 - September 26, 2015

    Every year, Nancy attends a big event run by a local group that strives to promote all the great produce and meats local to the Hudson Valley. This year, Nancy's making a dinner to share with her farming community. She has Pork Pot Roast With Root Vegetables, Sweet Greens With Maple Vinaigrette and Cheesy Potatoes Gratin, made with milk and cheese she gets from a local dairy farmer.

  • Bake Fest

    Season 3 - September 19, 2015

    Nancy is hosting a bake sale festival on the farm and is busy with all the preparations. She bakes a batch of her famous Golden Biscuits before picking strawberries at a local farm for her Lattice Topped Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. Avocado is the added ingredient in her BLTA, and there's a great mix of flavors in her Neapolitan Cupcakes. Plus, Strawberry Lemonade Slushies to wash down all the wonderful treats.

  • Camp GiGi

    Season 3 - September 12, 2015

    It's Nancy's annual "Camp GiGi," where she hosts all 13 of her grandkids for a week of food and fun at the farm. At the end of camp, the whole family enjoys a campfire and traditional Crab and Shrimp Boil With New Potatoes as well as Creamed Corn, Banana Pudding With Homemade Vanilla Wafers and Sparkling Apple Cider Punch, before setting off wish lanterns into the sky.

  • The Fed Baron

    Season 3 - September 5, 2015

    Nancy whips up a delicious picnic for her family to enjoy at the Rhinebeck Air Show. Nancy and her meal of Waldorf Chicken Salad Sandwiches, Apple and Pear Fruit Salad With Honey-Lime Vinaigrette and Airplane Sugar Cookies With Royal Icing travel in style to the picnic -- flying in a friend's bi-plane to her waiting family.

Season 2

  • Dance-a-Thon

    Season 2 - July 23, 2015

    Nancy is hosting a Dance Marathon in the barn for her favorite charity. The band plays into the night and all of the dancing couples vie to be the last one standing. But, they won't go hungry as Nancy has cooked up enough to feed all of these charitable toe tappers with her menu of Eggplant and Sausage Pasta Salad, Green Beans With Bacon, Clementine Pound Cake With Glaze and Pink Lemonade.

  • L.O.L. (Lots of Leftovers)

    Season 2 - July 23, 2015

    David is out of the house for a golf tournament so Nancy has the house to herself. She wastes no time with her to-do list and wastes no leftovers, taking yesterday's meal and making it shiny and new in time for when David gets home. They'll enjoy her Fried Chicken BLT Melt, Tomato Vegetable Rice Soup and Cheesecake Balls.

  • Antique Hunt

    Season 2 - July 16, 2015

    Nancy visits her favorite antique shops looking for fun old kitchen gadgets. She uses her fantastic finds to make a meal of Chile Braised Ribs, Stove Top Mac and Cheese, Baked Cinnamon Sugar Madeleines and Irish Coffee.

  • Game Night In

    Season 2 - July 16, 2015

    Nancy and David are having David's brother and wife over for dinner and games. Nancy heads to a local wine shop to pick out bottles to complement their meal of Beef Wellington, Roasted Beet Salad With Walnuts and Goat Cheese and Easy Baked Alaska. It's the perfect meal to fuel their game of charades! 

  • Early Birds

    Season 2 - July 9, 2015

    Nancy is having three special mothers over to celebrate Mother's Day. Nancy heads to a local maple tree farm for a delicious and fresh maple syrup for their breakfast of Buttermilk Pancakes With Blueberry Syrup; Sausage, Spinach and Potato Breakfast Tart; Citrus Salad With Pistachios and Honey Vinaigrette and Bloody Marias With Bacon Wrapped Cornichons.

  • Poker Night With Aunt Jean

    Season 2 - July 9, 2015

    Nancy's Aunt Jean is in town from Las Vegas and has developed a love for Mexican food. Nancy is putting together a small poker night with a Southwestern flair, with Chorizo Quesadillas With Easy Homemade Salsa, Buffalo Shrimp Skewers, Nancy's Pomegranate Guacamole and Sparkling Vodka Margaritas, made with apple vodka from a nearby orchard.
  • Fly Fishing

    Season 2 - July 2, 2015

    Nancy and her son John love the outdoors, and spend the day fly fishing. Nancy takes the catch home and cooks up a cozy dinner of Bacon Wrapped Trout, Asparagus With a Creamy Herb Vinaigrette and Peanut Butter Cookies. 

  • Grill Marks the Spot

    Season 2 - July 2, 2015

    Nancy and David are hosting a cookout. Nancy heads to town to get delicious chocolate candies for her Grilled Banana Boats dessert. They're a sweet treat that follows their dinner of Grilled Salt and Pepper Crusted Rib Eye and Garlicky Green Salad. After the cookout, the family enjoys Creamy Orange Soda Floats as they release flying lanterns into the sky. 
  • Operation: Farm Fresh

    Season 2 - June 25, 2015

    Nancy is hosting a welcome home party for her nephew and his service buddies who have just gotten back from Afghanistan. They're hungry for an All-American home cooked meal and Nancy is happy to oblige, making Fried Pork Chops, Braised Kale and Tomatoes, Apple Pie With Cheddar Cheese Crust and Beer Ginger Shandy. 

  • Drive-in Date Night

    Season 2 - June 25, 2015

    Nancy Fuller and her husband, David, are having date night and Nancy is cooking up a meal that harkens back to their teenage years. After a trip to her friend Fred's farm for fresh ice cream, she makes a Cola Milkshake With Cherry Whipped Cream. She also makes All-American Double Patty Cheeseburgers With Nancy's Special Sauce and Spicy Curly Fries With Roasted Onion Dip for their night at the drive-in movie theater.

  • B-I-N-G-O

    Season 2 - April 4, 2015

    Nancy is meeting some of her friends down at the community rec center for Bingo night, and it's her turn to bring the food. Nancy stops by her local greenhouse to get some fresh veggies from her friend Tom to make a light and delicious Farro Salad With Radishes, Arugula and Feta to go along with a pork loin and Corn Chowder. Nancy is sure the girls are just going to love her Braided Strawberry Tart for dessert. 

  • Bailey's Birthday

    Season 2 - March 28, 2015

    Nancy's granddaugher Bailey is turning seven and Nancy's planned an exciting petting zoo to celebrate. On the menu are Chicken Parmesan Sticks, Roasted Broccoli With Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Vanilla Birthday Cake With Chocolate Frosting. 

  • Fuller Farm Fest

    Season 2 - March 21, 2015

    Nancy is inviting her friends over for some friendly farm games to celebrate the 20 years since she bought her home. Before the games commence, they sit down to a lunch of Beer Braised Beef, Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Buttered Peas and Ice Cream Sundae With Homemade Caramel Bourbon Sauce and Crushed Cookies and Cream. 

Season 1

  • Canning Party (Ladies Who Can)

    Season 1 - June 18, 2015

    Nancy Fuller is hosting a canning party for the ladies, in honor of one of her favorite pastimes! She heads over to the local Hudson Valley apple orchard to pick some fresh apples for the event. She's making Hearty Butternut Squash Soup, Spiced Apple Butter, Lemon and Sugar Mini Biscuits and Orange Tea With Honey. It's not ladies who lunch; it's ladies who can! 

  • Old-Fashioned Dinner Party

    Season 1 - June 18, 2015

    Nancy Fuller's 1650s home is the perfect backdrop for an old-fashioned Dutch dinner party. Nancy's making juicy Roasted Chicken With Chestnut Breading, Sweet Corn Pudding and a Rustic Fruit Tart. She even swings by the local vineyard to pick up a few bottles of red for her spicy Mulled Wine. It's going to be an old-fashioned dinner party with farm flair! 

  • Fall Feast on the Farm

    Season 1 - June 11, 2015

    Nancy Fuller heads to her friend's sheep farm to pick up some fresh lamb for a fall feast! After the family is stuffed from an early dinner of Lamb Stew With Sherry and Mushrooms and Roasted Russet Wedges With Balsamic Vinegar and Rosemary, they head to their local pumpkin patch to pick some pumpkins. Finally, Nancy makes a From Scratch Pumpkin Pie and Spiced Cider the whole family enjoys over the first fire of the season!
  • Romance at 2000 Feet

    Season 1 - June 11, 2015

    Nancy and her husband David are celebrating their Wedding Anniversary: She's surprising him with a scrumptious meal, and he's surprising her with a hot air balloon ride! They're having Filet Mignon Sandwiches, Kale and Brussels Sprout Salad, David's Favorite Carrot Cake With Pineapple Cream Cheese Frosting and Celebration Manhattans.
  • Square Dance in the Barn

    Season 1 - June 4, 2015

    Nancy Fuller is having a square dance in her barn with a feast of local food for the locals. After a trip to nearby Craryville to pick some beautiful flowers, she gets down to the cooking. She makes Two Meat Chili, zippy Scallion Cornbread, Bread Pudding With Bourbon Sauce and a Square Dance Punch. Finally, there's a fiddler and a band in the barn and Nancy can't resist cutting a rug!
  • Weekend With the Grandkids

    Season 1 - June 4, 2015

    Nancy Fuller is having a weekend with the grandkids jam-packed with food and fun. First, they're making Grilled Meatloaf Sandwiches, Nancy's Grandma's Potato Salad and a Berry Fruit Cobbler With Fresh Whipped Cream that will rock your world. Then for another treat, they're all heading over to the County Fair!