Giada in Italy

Giada in Italy

Giada in Italy - Episode Guide

Season 3

  • Dino's 100th Birthday Party

    Season 3 - October 13, 2019

    Giada De Laurentiis hosts a family gathering to celebrate what would have been her grandfather Dino De Laurentiis' 100th birthday. The famous movie producer spent many summers on the Italian island of Capri, and Giada pays tribute to him with a lively bash by the sea and some of his favorites recipes, including Aqua Pazza, Gateau di Palate, Ravioli alla Caprese and Coffee Granitas.

  • Inspired by Capri

    Season 3 - October 6, 2019

    While the stunning beauty of Capri, Italy, has long inspired painters, writers and poets, the rich landscape and plentiful sea inspire chefs as well, including Giada De Laurentiis. The creativity of some of the local restaurants prompt Giada to create a dinner menu that features Zucchini Sottolio, Caprese Granita, Campanelle with Fresh Puttanesca and cozy al Forno.

  • Sweet Capri

    Season 3 - September 29, 2019

    Italy's island of Capri is known for delicious pastries and sweets, so Giada De Laurentiis samples some of the island's best and then heads to the kitchen to put a spin on her favorite flavours. She creates Limoncello and Almond Biscotti, Torta Caprese and Ricotta Gelato Toast.

  • La Dolce Vita

    Season 3 - September 22, 2019

    On Capri, Giada De Laurentiis makes a beautiful picnic to celebrate la dolce vita, or the sweet life, by the water with her daughter and mother. The menu features Amalfi Lemon Chicken, Grilled Plum and Pistachio Salad, Pan-Fried Zucchini with Anchovy Vinaigrette and Grilled Shrimp with Peach Cocktail Sauce.

  • Giada and Raffy's Family Favorite

    Season 3 - September 15, 2019

    Giada De Laurentiis and her Aunt Raffy love to get together in the kitchen and create some of their favourite family recipes. In honor of Nonno Dino's upcoming 100th birthday, they create a multi-step Italian dish that was one of his favourites, a Timballo Genovese.

  • The Flavors of Capri

    Season 3 - September 8, 2019

    Giada De Laurentiis heads to Capri, a picturesque island off Italy's Amalfi Coast where she and her family have vacationed for many years. In this special spot, Giada enjoys lunch with her daughter, Jade, and highlights the flavors of the island in her menu of Aglio E Olio with Peas and Prosciutto, Fritto Misto, Mista Salad and Lemon Crepes with Almond Mascarpone.

Season 2

  • Goodnight, Florence

    Season 2 - October 28, 2017

    One of the best things about visiting Italy is that Giada De Laurentiis's daughter, Jade gets to spend time with her Nonna V, who lives in Rome. When Nonna V travels to Florence for a visit, Giada creates a lovely dinner to be shared as the sun goes down over the Ponte Vecchio. The menu includes Italian dishes with a twist like Burrata and Strawberry Bruschetta, Grilled Artichokes with Bagna Cauda and Pappa Al Pomodoro.

  • Sweet Masters

    Season 2 - October 21, 2017

    Florence, Italy is the city of masters: master chefs, master artists, master scientists, master visionaries. Giada De Laurentiis learns the art of cannoli-making from a southern Italian pastry maker living in Florence, then heads to her home away from home to create a unique cannoli filling with Chocolate Amaretto, as well as a few other masterful desserts like Baci Ice Cream Sandwiches and Aperol Spritz Slushies.

  • Passion for Fashion

    Season 2 - October 14, 2017

    Before Milan, Florence was the center of fashion in Italy. There are fashion influences all over the city, and since Giada De Laurentiis herself is a fashion enthusiast, she hosts a cocktail party on a terrace near Florence's famed Duomo and creates a fashionable menu with Crab Arancini, Avocado White Bean Dip and Grappa Poached Pears with Speck.

  • Fava Beans and Chianti

    Season 2 - September 30, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis's grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis, spent a fair amount of time in Florence, Italy shooting his movie Hannibal. Giada takes a walk down memory lane visiting some of the filming locations, then returns home to create a meal inspired by Dino and the Florence landscape: Asparagus and Grilled Melon Salad, Sausage, Chianti and Fava Bean Spaghetti, and Chianti Affogato.

  • Culinary Renaissance

    Season 2 - September 23, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis spends several days working at the restaurants of celebrated master Chef Fabio Picchi, where she shares her knowledge and, in turn, learns the art of Florentine cuisine. When she gets back to her apartment, she creates an Italian menu with a California spin, making dishes like Prosciutto Broth with Farro and Spinach and Branzino Puttanesca.

  • When in Florence...

    Season 2 - September 16, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis and her daughter, Jade, are in Florence, Italy to immerse themselves in the local culture, honor their family heritage and create new memories together. Giada shops at the local market, then heads back to their apartment, where she prepares a hearty and robust "first night" meal for them inspired by the food customs of the area, including One Pot Creamy Orzo, Seared Mushrooms with Wilted Arugula and Open-Face Fruit Pie.

  • Under the Tuscan Sun: DL Family Feast

    Season 2 - January 31, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis and her family gather at a villa in the Tuscan countryside for a family reunion celebration. Platters of food fill the long Italian table, and Giada has enlisted everyone to help out in the kitchen to prepare a menu of family favorites that are full of traditional northern Italian ingredients, including Octopus Panzanella, Hazelnut Chicken and Stracciatella with Strawberry and Vin Santo.

  • What Would Nonno Dino Make?

    Season 2 - January 31, 2017

    There's no one who would have loved a big family reunion -- in Italy, surrounded by platters of food -- more than Giada De Laurentiis's grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis. Giada and her Aunt Raffy celebrate Dino's love of food by creating some of his favorites, like Carbonara Cacio e Pepe, Mussels with Fennel and Italian Beer and Olive Oil Sorbetto with Berries and Balsamic.

  • Nonna's Luna's Secret: Entice With Rice

    Season 2 - January 31, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis's grandmother, Silvana Mangano, was a stunning Italian beauty turned movie star affectionately known as Nonna Luna. Giada and her Aunt Raffy reminiscence about Nonna Luna and her love of rice while making some twists on northern Italian favorites like Bitter Rice, White Chocolate Orzo Pudding and Artichoke and Fennel Crudo.

  • Tuscan Lunch: An Affair of the Heart

    Season 2 - January 31, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis arrives in Florence, Italy and heads straight to the local market, where she shops and introduces the local cuisine. She celebrates the hearty northern Italian food by preparing a Tuscan-style lunch to share with friends that are visiting from the United States. Giada's menu includes her spin on Bistecca alla Fiorentina, White Bean and Cavalo Nero and a bottle of local Chianti, topped off with a classic Tuscan dessert of biscotti and sweet wine.

  • Raffy and Raffy

    Season 2 - November 2, 2016

    Giada De Laurentiis's grandfather, Dino De Laurentiis, was one of many children from a large Italian family, but his sister, Raffaella, is the only sibling still alive. Giada and her Aunt Raffy travel by train to visit Great Aunt Raffy at her home in Milan and prepare her favorite baked dish, Ziti Stufati, to enjoy for lunch.

  • Our Brother Would Love This

    Season 2 - November 2, 2016

    Giada De Laurentiis and her sister pay tribute to their brother, Dino, who passed away from cancer. The women celebrate Dino's life by creating a meal inspired by some of his favorite dishes, including Cheesy Mashed Potatoes, Charred Broccoli Rabe and Pork Chops with a Balsamic Glaze -- all with a northern Italian twist.

  • Sisters and Cousins

    Season 2 - October 26, 2016

    Giada De Laurentiis spends the day taking a boat trip along Florence's Arno River and enjoying a traditional Italian spread with her daughter, sister and nephew. The picnic menu includes Kale Salsa Verde Bruschetta, Tuna, White Bean and Bitter Greens Salad, and Torrone Mess for a light dessert.

Season 1

  • Italian Cocktail Party

    Season 1 - July 23, 2017

    It's 5 o'clock in Positano! Giada hosts a cocktail party on her villa deck for neighbors and friends, serving an assortment of Italian cocktails along with small bites inspired by California. Her menu includes Vegan Artichoke Arancini, Smoked Whitefish Crostini, The Bitter New Yorker and The French Italian.

  • The Sweet Spot

    Season 1 - July 23, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis visits her favorite bakery in Sorrento, where she works with the baker to make her famous pound cake. At home, Giada pairs the Pound Cake with Limoncello Zabaglione and also makes a Chocolate Pistachio Fudge Tart.

  • Nonna Luna's Famous Dish

    Season 1 - July 16, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis and her Aunt Raffy dig into Nonna Luna's recipe diary to recreate Sartu Di Riso, inspired by Giada's grandparent's honeymoon on the Amalfi Coast.
  • Favorites From Italy

    Season 1 - July 16, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis takes a trip down memory lane, recreating some of her favorite childhood dishes: Basic Parmesan Pomodoro, Pizza Bianca, and Chocolate Ricotta Toast. 
  • Citrus and the Sea

    Season 1 - July 9, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis creates dishes inspired by the incredible seafood and abundance of citrus found in Sorrento, including Grilled Swordfish with Candied Lemon Salad, and Shrimp and Grapefruit Skewers.

  • Napoli Pizza Party

    Season 1 - July 9, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis creates dishes inspired by the incredible seafood and abundance of citrus found in Sorrento, including Grilled Swordfish with Candied Lemon Salad, and Shrimp and Grapefruit Skewers.

  • Giada's Daily Special

    Season 1 - June 25, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis heads to a local Italian eatery and creates a "daily special" for the lunch hour. She and the local chef make Pan-Roasted Asparagus with Crispy Fried Egg, Roasted Chicken Cacciatore and Sin City Cookies.

  • Dino's Pasta Factory

    Season 1 - June 25, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis and her Aunt Raffy visit the Southern Italian town of Torre Annunziata, where Giada's great-grandparents once owned a pasta factory. They head back home to make some dishes inspired by the day, including Linguine with Anchovy and Walnuts, and Fusilli with Fresh Pomodoro.

  • Poolside Picnic

    Season 1 - June 18, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis prepares a picnic that she and her daughter, Jade, enjoy together poolside. The portable menu features Sweet and Tangy Orzo Salad, Grilled Chicken and Broccoli Pesto Panini, and Double Chocolate Brownies.

  • Cucina Italiana

    Season 1 - June 18, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis arrives in Italy and, after opening up the holiday house, she heads into Sorrento to stock up on essential Italian ingredients. Then, Giada returns home to prepare a light meal inspired by the local goods, including Grilled Treviso with Citrus Bagna Cauda, Pan-Seared Branzino with Tomato and Capers, and Fresh Citrus with Gelato and Almond Cookies.

  • Bocce Ball Picnic

    Season 1 - June 11, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis and a friend drive to the town of Scala, and share a California/Italy-inspired lunch after a game of bocce with the locals. On the portable menu are Prosciutto Cotto Pinwheels, Marinated Salumi Sandwiches, and Tomato Avocado and Escarole Salad.

  • Wine and Antipasti

    Season 1 - June 11, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis hosts a wine and appetizer party, creating bite-sized versions of popular Southern Italian dishes, and getting the wine from one of the best vineyards in Italy, located outside Positano. Her menu includes: Savory Crostata, Potato Crisps with Goat Cheese and Olives, and Parmesan and Prosciutto-Spiced Plums.
  • Sunday Supper

    Season 1 - January 31, 2017

    Giada De Laurentiis spends a Sunday afternoon in the kitchen cooking for a family get-together. The menu includes Roasted Beets with Cherries and Pistachios, Mushroom and Pea Farrotto, and Lamb Osso Buco.