Classic Canadian Pies infographic
Design by Alexandra Tanner

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Flapper Pie
A popular dessert in the Prairies, this rich custardy pie is made with graham crumb crust and topped with meringue.

Maple Pie
Silky, sweet and creamy, this delicious treat boasts the one ingredient all Canadians love: maple syrup.

Sugar Pie
Also known as Tarte Au Sucre, this Quebec favourite is buttery, sweet and melt-in-your mouth good.

Apple Pie
Classic and comforting, nothing beats a slice of freshly baked warm apple pie featuring Canada’s great produce.

Tourtiére Pie
This savoury French-Canadian dish boasts a medley of hearty flavours in one incredible dish.

Pecan Pie
Similar to its cousins, Maple Pie and Sugar Pie, this rich dessert is just as tempting but offers more crunch.