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Alton Brown

Alton Brown Although Alton Brown spent plenty of time in his mom's kitchen growing up, his real interest in food sparked in college when he discovered that girls who said "no" to dates sometimes said "yes" if he offered to cook for them. His social life never ignited, but the food spark did and after spending a decade behind the camera in the TV industry, he headed to culinary school in hopes of one day creating a new kind of cooking show. Good Eats, the show that Brown would go on to wrote, produce, and host ran for 13 years on Food Network before making the move to Cooking Channel where it airs to this day. Combining food science, pop culture, skit humor, innovative cooking, and the occasional belching puppet, Good Eats has millions of fans and garnered a coveted Peabody Award for broadcast excellence in 2007.

Brown has also served as the culinary commentator of Iron Chef America for 11 seasons, and hosted The Next Iron Chef for 5. Brown took home the James Beard Award for top food show host in 2011, which bookends nicely the one his first book nabbed in 2002. Speaking of books, he's written 7 the last three of which made the New York Times Best Sellers List.

In 2012 he joined the cast of Food Network Star as a mentor and of his team members won. He'll be back on Star again in 2013. But wait, that's not all. Brown performs live stage shows, demos, speeches, lectures, and talks and his first live tour is slated to hit the road in October of 2013.

Brown is a pilot, a motorcyclist, a scuba diver, and a champion tango dancer (one of these things is a lie). He's fanatical about bow ties, which explains why he's partnering with hook+ALBERT on his own line. As of this printing way over half a million innocent folks on Twitter consider him to be a close personal friend. At this moment, Brown is baking biscuits in Atlanta, GA while waiting for a call from the Nobel Committee.