Jamie's Comfort Food

Jamie's Comfort Food

Jamie's Comfort Food - Episode Guide

Season 1

  • Ham, Egg and Chips and Chicken Kebab

    Season 1 - June 6, 2015

    Episode six sees Jamie take a British café favourite – ham, egg and chips – and give it a wonderful Jamaican twist with a hit of fiery jerk marinade. Next, Jamie cooks up a simple, but incredibly elegant pasta dish, loaded with beautiful crab meat, wafer thin fennel and a hit of chilli to bring everything together.
    Jamie’s third recipe is the ultimate show-stopper in the world of chocolate cake – it’s a three-tiered masterpiece, filled with chocolate crispies and an oozy, super-naughty nougat – put together with the help of his girls, Poppy and Daisy. And to finish the series in style, a giant chicken kebab, better than any you’ve had before. Cooked on an open fire and served with amba sauce, silken houmous, herby tabbouleh, pickles and flatbreads, it’s a winner every time.
  • Fish Pie and Hummingbird Cake

    Season 1 - May 31, 2015

    Episode five sees Jamie and young son, Buddy, making a Curried fish pie. Unlike a traditional fish pie, this Indian-inspired version has amazing perfumed layers of flavour and a crispy, temper-drizzled top. Next, Jamie takes on a staple comfort food classic, the humble bacon sandwich. Joined by good mate and partner in crime, Pete Begg, watch their varying approaches to achieving true bacon sarnie perfection.
    Jamie’s third recipe is a gorgeous gem-of-a-dish from Italy, Butter & sage gnudi – these delicious little balls of ricotta with a pasta-like semolina casing are a bit like gnocchi, but much lighter in texture. Finally, Jamie bakes one of his favourite sweet treats – the Hummingbird cake, which is extremely popular in the US. Made with pineapple, ripe banana and a crunchy pecan brittle, this beautiful cake is, quite simply, bloody delicious.
  • Chicken Kiev, Shepherd’s Pie, Spaghetti Vongole

    Season 1 - May 24, 2015

    Kicking off episode four, Jamie and his dad revisit a pub classic from the 80s, the mighty Chicken Kiev. Only rarely seen on menus these days, Jamie believes that this king-of-a-dish is definitely due for a revival. Next, Jamie cooks up his version of the Italian institution, spaghetti vongole. Made using rosé instead of white wine, plus a handful of fresh tomatoes, it’s a brilliant variation of the comforting classic.
    Jamie’s third recipe is a much-loved super-fresh street food salad with an incredible peanut dressing, from Jakarta in Indonesia, called gado-gado. And to finish the show with a bang, watch Jamie make a truly epic Shepherd's Pie. Inspired by a historic recipe, it has mashed potato on the bottom, top and sides, plus an extra-luxurious slow-cooked shoulder filling. Genius.
  • The Ultimate Burger

    Season 1 - May 17, 2015

    Jamie's brand new six-part Comfort Food series is all about those simple, delightful guilty pleasures we all love. It celebrates nostalgic memories, traditions and childhood favourites. It embraces the ritual of cooking and dishes that will pick you up and raise your spirits.

    In the premiere episode, Jamie's joined by his friend Christian, AKA DJ BBQ, as he reveals his ultimate burger and the recipe to his secret sauce.

  • Steak and Onion Sandwich and Osso Buco

    Season 1 - May 10, 2015

    Episode three opens with Jamie’s next-level steak & onion Sandwich, made with the stickiest, sweet caramelised onions and one of the most flavoursome cuts of beef, the skirt – absolutely gorgeous and always such a treat. Second up, is one of the world’s favourite comfort food dishes – lasagne – but with a bit of a twist. Made with crispy roast duck and a super-naughty pangrattato to finish, it really is a treat for the taste buds.
    Next, watch Jamie and his mum rustle up an amazing much-loved British classic – full of Medjool dates, subtle spices and a hit of Earl Grey tea – it's the sticky toffee pudding to beat all others. And last but not least, a beautiful Italian classic  – Ossobuco alla Milanese, served on top of oozy, golden, saffron risotto. Delicious!
  • The Ultimate Cheese Toastie and Chicken Tikka

    Season 1 - May 3, 2015

    Episode two sees Jamie and his old friend and mentor, Gennaro Contaldo, make Bolognese ravioli from scratch – with pops of beautiful Bolognese inside parcels of homemade Royal pasta dough, all served in a silky tomato sauce, it takes Jamie’s fond childhood memories of eating the tinned stuff to a whole new level.
    Next up, the No. 1 toasted cheese sandwich, adorned with a crispy golden crown made from melted cheese. And if that’s not enough, watch Jamie rustle up some of Britain’s absolute favourite comfort food dishes – fish and chips with all the must-have condiments, followed by Chicken tikka masala cooked over an open fire, and served up as part of a boys’ night with some of Jamie’s oldest mates.