Jamie's Super Food

Jamie's Super Food

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Baked Eggs and Sizzling Prawns

In this programme, Jamie’s on the Japanese island of Okinawa, home to some of the oldest people on the planet. He harvests and eatsseaweed, a super food packed with immune system-boosting ironthat Okinawanseat every day and that he thinks we should give a try. And he heads to the tropical paradise of Costa Rica to discover how local people’s love of fruit, packed with Vitamin C, could help to explain why they live so long.

Bringing what he’s learnt back to the UK, Jamie creates a days’ worth of super-nutritious and delicious meals, including: a breakfast of Baked Eggs in Popped Beans with Cherry Tomatoes & Ricotta on Toast, Super Tasty Miso Broth, Chicken, Mushrooms & Wild Rice for lunch and Sizzling Prawns with Seasonal Veg and Rainbow Salsa for dinner.

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