Jamie's Super Food

Jamie's Super Food

Episode Description

Kebabs, Veggie Burger and Salad

In this programme, Jamie’s in the Greek island of Ikaria, where on average people live ten years longer than in Europe and America. Under sun-kissed skies he forages for wild greens and herbs with local cook Tula, before sharing a healthy hill top feast with four generations of her family. And in Okinawa, a Japanese island thathas one of the longest-lived populations on the planet, Jamie joins local people, including a 93-year-old, for their early morning exercise class and discovers the wonders of local ancient ingredient.

Bringing what he’s learnt back to the UK, Jamie creates a days’ worth of super-nutritious and delicious meals, including: Cheese, Ham, Mushroom and Tomato Breakfast Popovers for breakfast and a healthy twist on two fast food favourites for lunch and dinners - Chicken & Garlic Bread Kebabs with Blood Orange, Spinach & Feta and a Mega Veggie Tofu Burger with Garden Salad & Basil Dressing.

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