Jamie's Super Food

Jamie's Super Food

Episode Description

Pancakes, Tasty Fish Tacos and Chicken Cacciatore

In this programme, Jamie’s in the Nicoyan Peninsula in Costa Rica, where he joins fisherman Otto for a meal of freshly caught fish with family and friends on the beach. And in Okinawa, an island 400 miles off the coast of Japan that Jamie joins 74-year-old Grand Karate Master Sensie in his dojo to learn some Karate moves before lunch, which features local hero ingredient, sweet potato.

Bringing what he’s learnt back to the UK, Jamie creates a days’ worth of super-nutritious and delicious meals, including: scrumptious Cheese and Corn Pancakes topped with Smoky Bacon and Caramelised Banana, Tasty Fish Tacos and Chicken & Sweet Potato Cacciatore with Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Olives and Bread.

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