Save with Jamie

Save with Jamie

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This week there’s a fresh spin on a fast food favourite: Jamie’s Fried Chicken (or JFC). It’s a hearty chicken-in-a-bucket feast, made from a whole chicken, with a dazzling rainbow slaw, sweet sticky potato wedges and charred corn on the cob that will easily feed four for less than a tenner. There’s no compromise on flavour, plus Jamie has a secret tip to getting that more-ish crispy chicken skin, without having to deep-fry. Next up, Jamie makes use of some everyday store cupboard ingredients to create a gorgeous spiced sausage bake, complete with his own mouth-watering twist on garlic bread.  For less than two quid a head, this family crowd pleaser is proof that investing in your pantry can pay dividends when it comes to rustling up tasty and thrifty suppers at a moment’s notice.  For something a bit different and surprisingly impressive, try Jamie’s meat-free roast using an underloved veggie. Giving a whole celeriac all the love and care he would a leg of lamb, Jamie creates an amazingly tasty feast that’s made even heartier with a rich, creamy mushroom sauce and cheap-as-chips pearl barley.   

And if you need a reason to treat yourself to a beautiful side of salmon at the weekend, Jamie’s got two street-food inspired ideas that will make beautiful mid-week suppers out of the leftovers. First up there’s a vibrant Vietnamese-style salad – a delicious recipe that shaves cost by using frozen green beans over fresh, and transforms the most humble of ingredients into a beautiful dish.  And then there are Jamie’s Mexican tacos with super easy home-made soft tortillas. Two very different recipes, but both turn leftover salmon into something really exciting to eat.

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