Simply Nigella

Simply Nigella

Episode Description

Episode 5

As Nigella says ‘Part of the balance of life lies in the understanding that different days require different types of eating’. So in this episode, Nigella’s shares her favourite menu to help us get that balance in the kitchen.

For the days when something light and luscious is needed, Nigella’s salad of salmon, avocado, watercress and pumpkin seeds fits perfectly. For the occasions that call for something a bit different, there’s Nigella’s chicken schawarma with an array of spices, sauces and flatbreads. Inspired by a spit-roasted Lebanese kebab, Nigella’s oven roasted version is fun, tasty and perfect for feeding a crowd.

There has to be chocolate in the balance and Nigella shares two of her latest treats; a glossy liquorice and blackcurrant chocolate cake and her chocolate chip cookie dough pots – freshly baked pots of gooey cookie dough served with a dollop of ice cream or crème fraiche.

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