About the Show

In this new real-life sitcom, zany business partners Elle, Caspar, Yolanda and Antonella create over-the-top 'sweet tables' decked out with their show-stopping cakes and delectable goodies for some of the biggest events in town!
Imagine an entire collection of edible lipstick and compacts for the launch of a new cosmetic line, or a cake for an Italian gala that looks exactly like an overflowing pot of pasta. Or how about a skateboard-themed sweet table set up in the middle of a half pipe? There are no limits to the challenges they face each week: demanding clients, tight timelines, topsy-turvey cakes that are more topsy than turvey…

In an industry where word of mouth is everything, the team is only as good as their last table. But somehow through it all, their wacky friendship and off-the-wall humour remain intact. It's all pretty sweet. Well, most of the time!

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