About the Cast

Antonella Grillone

Antonella Grillone What makes a great television character? A person who has the capability of being relatable while also being extraordinary. In short, Antonella! With a personality and gut-busting sense of humour that could fill the largest of rooms, Antonella makes an impression on not only everyone she meets, but everyone she comes into ear shot of! This over-the-top and out-spoken woman is both heartwarming and hilarious.

Having worked many odd jobs throughout her life, Antonella's true passion is her husband - or as she calls him, her Greek God - and spending time with her enormous family. While acting as head cashier at flower and decor wholesaler Hofland's in Toronto, Antonella met Elle and Caspar, and the bond was immediate. Her infectious energy and experience in the events arena made Antonella a natural fit in the hectic world of Petite & Sweet and Sweet Fix, and she became an assistant on all fronts, helping the busy trio keep things in the shop and kitchen under control. Whether she actually does keep things under control, or just provides yet another layer of zaniness is still up for debate!

Caspar Haydar

Caspar Haydar Australia native Caspar Haydar can be described in many ways, but perhaps the simplest word would be - effortless. In all that he does, whether designing flowers for a wedding, catering a private gathering, producing events or building installations, Caspar's innate sense of style shines through. His natural ability to build and craft things from an array of materials is what allows Caspar to take something from conception to completion and sets him apart from the pack. We don't know how, but when Elle and Yolanda suggest building risers and platters for a sweet table out of vases and picture frames, Caspar makes it happen in the most beautiful way! When they ask for manzanita branches to hang from the ceiling and be covered in twinkling lights, Caspar delivers!

With a background in fashion and event production, Caspar made his mark in Sydney while working for the famous Home Supperclub where he spearheaded some of their largest events and entertainment experiences. Wanting to broaden his horizons, Caspar traveled between London, Paris, Milan, Tokyo and New York before making a final landing in Toronto where he was quickly snatched up by some of the city's leading event spaces.

When the dynamo that is Elle Daftarian came into Caspar's life, everything changed. Almost overnight, Elle and Caspar founded Madison8 Event and Flower Laboratories - a full service luxury event and design firm - and experienced immediate success. When cake decorator Yolanda Gampp showed up on the scene, Sweet Fix was born, and Caspar sunk his teeth into designing elaborate sweet tables that weren't just delicious, but a true dessert experience. Shortly after, the doors of Petite & Sweet opened, giving both Madison8 and Sweet Fix a home and Caspar a place to work and entertain their numerous clients. Anyone can have a big idea and Caspar is the one to call if you want to bring it to life!

Yolanda Gampp

Yolanda Gampp Focused, meticulous and driven by her craft, Yolanda has always known what her calling in life was. Inspired by her father who worked as a baker, Yolanda passionately began her career as a cake decorator at an early age and boldly set out to be the best of the best in Toronto.

Although she gained some experience in the dessert world working for renowned bakeries such as Desserts by Phipps and Dessert Trends, Yolanda is primarily self-taught. She worked tirelessly to master the art of cake decorating, slowly but surely amassing a personal client base and building novelty cakes out of her mother's home kitchen. Yolanda soon outgrew this space when her work began to show up in the pages of Fashion Magazine, National Post, The Globe and Mail and Wedluxe, and her clientele became more and more demanding. She was quickly catapulted from being an incredibly talented cake decorator to an out-of-this-world cake architect with her own professional kitchen.

Creating novelty cakes in the shape of a $5,000 Birkin bag, a pot of macaroni and cheese, or a stack of Tiffany Boxes just wasn't enough for this gorgeous dessert maven. Yolanda envisioned putting together elaborate and over-the-top sweet tables complete with decadent petite treats, candy, props, flowers and backdrops - with one of her show-stopping cakes in the centre of course! When Elle Daftarian and Caspar Haydar came into her life, Yolanda's dream became a reality and Sweet Fix was born, starting a hot new event trend in the city and becoming the go-to one-stop-shop for a true dessert experience.

Elle Daftarian

Elle Daftarian While most of us plan ahead for a successful career, it was in fact quite the opposite for Elle Daftarian whose career pursued her.

Originally from Vancouver with a background in fashion and design, Elle began her career in the creative sphere as a buyer whose sharp imaginative flair was quickly noticed and admired from a very young age. Exposed to an array of cultures and environments via her extensive travels to Miami, New York, Paris, Italy, India and Pakistan to name a few, Elle's unique and meticulous eye inspired her ability to intertwine fashion, play and lifestyle, leading her seamlessly into her real passion - throwing elaborate social event experiences.

In 2006 this modern day Martha Stewart partnered up with good friend Caspar Haydar to start Madison8 Event and Flower Laboratories - a full service luxury event and design firm that was immediately recognized for its innate talent and flawless execution. But this ambitious beauty saw an opportunity to expand their events business when she met cake decorator and dessert connoisseur Yolanda Gampp who shared with Elle her vision of a company that specializes in creating elaborate and highly stylized 'sweet tables.' Driven by passion and an entrepreneurial spirit, it didn't take Elle long to work with Yolanda and Caspar on turning this vision into a reality and in 2010 Sweet Fix was born. In an effort to provide a 'home' for both Madison8 and Sweet Fix, the dynamic team opened the doors of Petite & Sweet - a sleek and stylish storefront boutique where clients can enjoy a tasty macaron and espresso while discussing their event needs.

As a single mother to 8-year-old Sophia, Elle's biggest challenge is finding enough hours in the day to weave all of these passions together. However as her business partners will attest, nothing is impossible for Elle! It's this go-getter attitude that has contributed so greatly to the success of anything she becomes involved in.
Caspar Haydar