Super Snack Bros.

Super Snack Bros.

About the Hosts

Damian Abraham

Damian Abraham Best known as the charismatic frontman of punk band F*cked Up, Damian Abraham is a modern-day renaissance man. When not winning prestigious music accolades, Damian has his hands in all aspects of media, from television to radio to the web, where he hosts his very own podcast, Turned Out A Punk. Damian’s thoughtful, articulate interviews and magnetic personality belie his in-your-face stage presence.

Passionate for food, the ever-adventurous Damian seeks out unique eats when on tour (he once ate deep-fried bee larva!), while closer to home he has a number of favourite haunts, some of which he shared with Anthony Bourdain on a Toronto-set episode of The Layover. Combining his love of media and food is something Damian is excited to continue with Super Snack Bros., a series that plays up his love of iconic pop culture foods.

Matt Dean Pettit

Matt Dean Pettit The food bug hit Matt early on – as a youngster he’d make the family his favourite dish, a tuna fish and potato chip casserole. So it was no surprise when the charismatic founder of Rock Lobster Food Co. gave up a successful career in marketing to focus on his true passion. A natural in front of the camera, Matt oozes confidence no matter what he’s doing, which, these days, is running one of the hottest restaurants in Canada. With three locations and counting, Rock Lobster has proven to be a winning formula, and it’s all because of Matt’s dedication to accessible comfort foods – a trait he brings in droves to Super Snack Bros. 

Through his restaurants, his best-selling The Great Lobster Cookbook and his own food line that’s rapidly spreading across both sides of the border, Matt has built his business empire to be much like himself: approachable, down-to-earth and fun.