Super Snack Bros. host and punk band front man Damian Abraham knows a lot about snacking on the go. He’s been with his band F*cked Up since 2001, touring Europe, North America, Australia and Asia and has another North American tour this summer.  With a jam-packed schedule, this energetic front man and snack connoisseur relies on a lot of fast food eats while on the road.

F*cked Up Band
Damian’s and his band, F*cked Up. Photo by Brendan George Ko via

Who can blame him? After a long day of travelling and getting the crowds amped up at shows, what could be better than sinking teeth into some greasy junk food. Damian admits that his tour diet has gotten less reckless over the years. (He once indulged in a glorious 10,000 calories day!) Now, he just sticks to his tried-and-true spots when he’s on the road.

Here’s a list of some of Damian’s must-have on-the-go grub:

1. In the UK, his go-to snack is Beef and Tomato instant noodles. He’s known to bring home an extra large suitcase of these addictive pot noodles.


Damian powers up on his favourite drink that he calls “a godlike nectar.” Photo via

2. The punk rock star frequents Fat Slice Pizza while in San Francisco. Seriously, these pizza slices are fat.

3. Over in Los Angeles, Oki-Dog is this hungry man’s haven. Think mouthwatering chili cheese dogs with fries and soda.

4. Damian sure likes his dogs. In Pittsbrugh, the Super Snack Bro likes to visit The Original Hot Dog Shop.

5. In cities where late-night eateries are scare, Damian lives on a steady diet of kebabs and pizza. No big surprise here!

Some of Damian’s favourite on-the-road eats. L-R: Oki Dog via and Fat Slice Pizza via

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