Texas Cake House

Texas Cake House

About the Hosts

Natalie Sideserf

Natalie Sideserf Natalie combines her love of baking with her artistic talents to create realistic, edible works of art. After receiving a bachelor's degree in fine arts, Natalie moved with her husband, Dave Sideserf, and bulldog, Mrs. Robinson, from Cleveland to Austin, where she opened Sideserf Cake Studio. Natalie’s cakes gained wide recognition when her lifelike Willie Nelson cake took the internet by storm, garnering millions of views. Having mastered her signature innovative approach to cake decorating, earning awards and media accolades, Natalie became overwhelmed with customer orders and brought her Dave on as a full-time employee.

Dave Sideserf

Dave Sideserf Dave developed a passion for food, art and music growing up in Cleveland, working in bar kitchens and warehouses. He graduated from college with a degree in information technology and went on to serve as a director with a software company specializing in the development of online database software. Applying much of what he learned working with large corporations to the Sideserf Cake Studio brand, Dave finally left his tech career in 2016 to join Sideserf Cake Studio full-time — and never looked back.