The F Word

The F Word

Episode Description

F WORD, THE - 004

Can food affect a man’s fertility? Currently there’s speculation about a general decline in the sperm count and whether it can be linked to diet. Gordon blames his own low sperm count on the fact that chefs are constantly exposed to high levels of heat during long hours in a kitchen environment. He enlists the help of a fertility expert and a clinical embryologist to see whether they support his theory and to advise on how men can help prevent problems with their sperm.

Plus top model Penny Lancaster comes for dinner and tells Gordon about her very fertile relationship with Rod Stewart; their baby is due in less than three weeks. ‘We did actually freeze his sperm in case there were going to be any problems’ she reveals. ‘We were at home, you know, intimately. And then I rushed down in the Ferrari with my handbag and the little vial next to it.’

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