The F Word

The F Word

Episode Description


In tonight’s first show the first lady of British comedy, DAWN FRENCH, joins Gordon for dinner at his new restaurant. Dawn spills the beans on husband Lenny Henry, grabs a snog from Gordon and helps him launch Find Me A Fanny, his search for a new female television cook; and NATASHA KAPLINSKY is the series’ first recipe challenger, pitting her culinary savoir faire against Gordon in the F Word kitchen. 

Dawn is one of fifty diners who will be sampling the food cooked by this week’s brigade: The Eton Boys. When they’re not hanging out in Bouji’s with Prince Harry, they’re passionate amateur chefs. Gordon doubts they’ve ever done a day’s work in their lives, but tonight they’re responsible for preparing crab spring rolls with chilli dipping sauce, loin of venison with sweet and sour peppers and profiteroles with hot chocolate sauce. In a new departure, the best-performing brigade of the series will return at the end of the run to cook at Gordon’s restaurant at Claridges, so the stakes have never been higher.

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