The F Word

The F Word

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On tonight’s show: JONATHAN ROSS comes for dinner but soon finds himself under interrogation in the kitchen; Gordon tries to bring Britain’s most unpopular food back from the brink of extinction by turning teenagers on to tripe; The food snob with the big gob, JANET STREET PORTER, takes Bernard Matthews to task; Gordon teaches a busy mum with four young kids how to cook great fast food for the family; and SARA COX takes Gordon on in the recipe challenge with her special recipe for chilli con carne. And, after the tragic death of his young lamb Charlotte, Gordon's lamb Gavin gets a warm welcome back to the Ramsay family home and some new friends to play with. 

Tonight’s amateur brigade is a team of tough female police officers from Lancaster, who will be cooking a delicious meal of roast pigeon with wild mushroom and asparagus salad, roast skate with beetroot and pain perdu with caramelised peaches. The recipes are so simple everyone can cook them at home but will this brigade be good enough to win the chance to return to cook in the final show of this series at Gordon's Mayfair restaurant, Claridges, or will they be found guilty of crimes against food?

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