The F Word

The F Word

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Tonight it’s time for the silence of the lambs as Gordon takes his flock to the abattoir. Plus CAT DEELEY pops Gordon’s cork as he teaches her everything she needs to know about champagne; GOK WAN (How To Look Good Naked), takes Gordon on in the recipe challenge. Gordon goes hunting for a massive conger eel. And Britain's best chef proves that you can serve Fast Food at a dinner party. 

It’s war in the dining room as 50 women fight to be crowned Gordon’s Fanny in his quest for the next great TV cook. And it’s war in the kitchen as this week's brigade of passionate amateurs, four ex Army Captains from the Light Dragoons, take on pea, asparagus, pancetta & goat’s cheese frittata followed by honey roast duck with green beans and a hazelnut vinaigrette and a classic baked alaska for dessert – every recipe something you can cook at home. The men have served in Iraq and Afghanistan, but can they handle the heat of Ramsay’s Kitchen and sell enough plates to return to cook next week at Gordon's Mayfair restaurant, Claridge's?

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