As one of Food Network Canada’s most popular personalities, you probably think you know all there is to know about Ree Drummond — but do you really? Get to know a little more about Ree, including what that moment was like when she first laid eyes on her husband and what ingredient will never find its way into her recipes.

Ree and Her Husband Are Getting Into the Hotel Business
In a recent post on her blog and showing some work in progress on her Twitter (photo above), Ree reveals she and her husband are expanding their downtown Pawuska, Oklahoma empire (The Pioneer Woman Mercantile is wildly successful) renovating a historic building into an eight-suite hotel with rooms ‘so comfortable and cozy, she and her husband are going to want to move into one.’

She Can’t Stand . . .
Ree Drummond is certainly creative when it comes to recipes, yet there’s one food you will never see her eating. “Anything remotely related to bananas,” she explains. “Banana splits, banana cream pie, banana bread … I want nothing to do with them. Blech!”

But She LOVES Coffee
Asked whether she prefers coffee or tea, there was no debate. “COFFEE,” she wrote, adding, “in all caps.” And when it comes to her favourite guilty-pleasure dessert, her love of java once again prevailed. “Any coffee-flavoured dessert is a weakness of mine. Tiramisu, coffee ice cream, coffee-toffee pie … I’ll take it all.”

My (six!) movie dates. Say what you want about boys; I think they're pretty darn fun. (And weird. But still fun.)

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She’s a Movie Lover
Some people listen to music while they cook, but Ree says she prefers to watch movies in the kitchen. Among her favourites: The Godfather and Napoleon Dynamite, just in case you didn’t think she had eclectic tastes.

Ree isn’t Her Real Name
You know her by Ree, but it’s actually a shortened version of her actual name, Ann Marie.

She Was Once a City Girl
That’s right, Ree Drummond was once a serious city slicker, living in such locales as Los Angeles and Chicago before meeting her future husband in an Oklahoma bar. He swept her off her feet and it all led to her becoming the Pioneer Woman we all know and love. “I was headed to Chicago. To a new city. To a new life. I had zero business getting attached to anyone around there, let alone some Wrangler-wearing cowboy,” she writes in her 2011 book, The Pioneer Woman — Black Heels to Tractor Wheels: A Love Story. “Talk about my polar opposite.”


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She Calls Her Husband ‘Marlboro Man’
Ree’s affectionate nickname for husband Ladd Drummond is “Marlboro Man,” due to the first impression she had when she first laid eyes on him “in a smoky Oklahoma bar” many years ago. “He was tall, strong and mysterious, sipping bottled beer and wearing jeans and cowboy boots,” she wrote of their first meeting.

My little pookie sunshines. It was a perfect Easter because we were together. ❤️

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She Home-Schools Her Children
Ree is a passionate advocate for the benefits of home-schooling and has taught all four of her children. In fact, she even has a section on her website exclusively devoted to home-schooling, offering resources, teaching tools and other info for interested parents.

Paws-itively pooped.

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She Once Wrote a Children’s Book
Back in 2011, Ree wrote a children’s book about her beloved Basset Hound, Charlie. Titled Charlie the Ranch Dog, she says that writing the book was a real treat. “To say this has been one of my most enjoyable projects to date would be an understatement,” she wrote.

My thirty year high school reunion is this weekend. Not sure how that's mathematically possible seeing as how I'm only 31?

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. . . And Was Once a Ballet Dancer
In a 2006, she reveals her past as a ballerina, seriously studying dance from age 4 until well into her teens. “I absolutely loved ballet,” she wrote. “It defined my adolescence.”

She Was Once a Vegetarian
It may be hard to believe, but the woman who has brought us such carnivorous delights as Rib Eye Steak with Onion Blue Cheese Sauce and a Peppercorn-Rubbed Prime Rib was once a vegetarian, deciding to give up meat entirely. While attending the University of Southern California, Ree decided to give vegetarianism a try. Obviously, it didn’t take.