Even though there will be only one
chef to reign supreme at the end of Top Chef Canada, delicious creativity can thrive
in the kitchen with teamwork.

It’s every chef for her or
himself, but in the first two episodes the competing chefs paired up in challenges to see who could work best together and create a winning plate.
Here are the best Top Chef Canada dishes (so far) when two chefs were better than one.


1. Evelyn and
Jesse’s Thai-Inspired Salt-Crusted Grouper Head with Manila Clams and Coconut


Legendary restaurateur and chef
David Chang, a guest judge on episode two, chose Jesse and Evelyn’s dish as the winner of
the elimination challenge where chefs were given an Asian country
as their flavour inspiration for a family-style meal.  Mark McEwan thought the dish was
perfectly cooked and really flavourful. David Chang said that while this
amazing dish looked very simple, it had deep, deep flavour.


2. Rich and Gabriela’s Seared Scallop
with Pickled Zucchini, Pear and Fennel Slaw

Mark McEwan said that these chefs
worked together the best and created a dish that absolutely blew him away. He
chose their dish as the premiere episode’s quickfire challenge winner.

3. Ruth and Rene’s Pan-Seared
Halibut with Warm Mushroom and Rapini Salad

Although this dish didn’t win the
premiere episode’s quickfire challenge – it was a runner-up to Rich &
Gabriela’s seared scallop dish – it did get major kudos from Mark McEwan. He
thought the dish was outstanding and
that he could have finished the entire plate.

4. Karine and Vittorio’s
Korean-Inspired Wagyu Shortribs, Sweet Potato Puree with Pickled Korean Pear
and Kimchi


In the second episode’s
elimination challenge, Karine and Vittorio’s dish didn’t take first prize but
it really impressed Shereen Arazm. She gave kudos to the pair, telling them
that they nailed the flavours and that their presentation was great. David Chang, who is Korean-American,
thought their fresh kimchi was really, really good and that they did a nice job
of capturing Korean flavours. It’s no small feat to receive that kind of
compliment from this tough chef.


5. Ruth and Evelyn’s Chicken
Ballotine with Roasted Shallots, Pancetta and Fava Beans

In the premiere episode’s
elimination challenge, Ruth and Evelyn collaborated to make the fourth course
as part of a five course dinner. It wasn’t chosen as the best dish of the night
but the judges almost unanimously commended their dish. Susur Lee thought
Evelyn and Ruth displayed good techniques in making the ballotine and Mark
McEwan thought the women did a great job of the dish. Guest judges Tori Spelling and
Dean McDermott seconded the positivity and said that the dish was very good.


After all that delicious teamwork (and before the chefs go back to every man for him or herself), let’s see some hugs!



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