Vegas Cakes

Vegas Cakes

Vegas Cakes - Episode Guide

Season 2

  • Sea Monster, Whale and One Drop Cakes

    Season 2 - May 14, 2018

    There's a storm of water-themed cakes brewing in Freed's Bakery. Brittnee Virgin and Kristen LoVullo team up to unleash the Kraken on a pirate ship cake, and Cirque du Soleil orders a six-foot-long Alaskan mountain range cake with running rivers for a star-studded event. A mystery client orders a realistic whale of a cake covered in 24-karat gold.

  • Donny and Marie, Mermaid and Crazy Cat Lady Cakes

    Season 2 - May 7, 2018

    The Freed's Bakery team surprises legendary performers Donny and Marie Osmond on stage with a big, blinged-out masterpiece. Brittnee Klinger makes a little girl the ultimate rainbow-mermaid birthday cake, and Kristen LoVullo and Aubrie Virgin go crazy for a kooky cat lady-themed cake.

  • Pinball and Golden Knights Cake

    Season 2 - April 30, 2018

    The Vegas Golden Knights, the newest and hottest team in the NHL, call on Freed's Bakery for a massive, hockey-themed cake for their fans. A doctor's convention orders an operating room cake, and Sonny Robinson channels his inner pinball wizard to build a working pinball machine out of cake.

  • Valentine’s Day! Mardi Gras! Lunar New Year!

    Season 2 - April 23, 2018

    It's the busiest week of the year at Freed's Bakery, and the team can barely keep up with all the cake orders. The Las Vegas Metro Police Wives order a special Vegas Strong cake to show some love to first responders. The team builds a towering fortune cookie-flavored pagoda to celebrate the Year of the Dog, and they wrap up the week watching their Mardi Gras cake become a float in a parade.

  • Exotic Bird and Absinthe Cake

    Season 2 - April 16, 2018

    It's a jungle of fun as Freed's Bakery fills an order for a willowy tall tree cake with exotic birds and edible pets. Then a 13-year-old celebrates her birthday with a smashing volleyball cake. The hit Vegas variety show, Absinthe, orders a huge spinning circus tent cake, and Anthony Fusco and Raul Hernandez face a unique challenge -- taming the flavor of real absinthe and incorporating it into the cake.

  • Groundhog and Fairy Cake

    Season 2 - April 9, 2018

    The team at Freed's Bakery creates an edible village of fairies with details so fine that fondant artist Aubrie Virgin needs a magnifying glass to paint them. The ultimate University of Oregon fan gets the perfect cake for her birthday. Then, the First Friday art festival and Groundhog Day collide and the staff builds a cake so big and heavy that Max Fried needs a forklift to deliver it.

Season 1

  • Frankenstein, Skyhawk, and Giant Taco Cakes

    Season 1 - March 12, 2018

    National Taco Day will never be the same after a Vegas restaurant orders a cake made of giant tacos. Later, the Freed's bakery team brings a Frankenstein cake to life for a theater premiere, and it's game time for a larger-than-life skyhawk mascot cake made for a high school homecoming.
  • Big Ben, Beer Unicorn and Pumpkin Patch Cakes

    Season 1 - March 5, 2018

    The bakery team pours it on with a very unique beer unicorn cake. Then, a local orchard kicks off their pumpkin patch with a harvest-themed cake, and a bride-to-be gets a jolly proper sendoff after her family surprises her with a giant Big Ben cake.
  • Giant Diamond And Golden Tiki Cakes

    Season 1 - February 26, 2018

    Marine Corp veterans celebrate their reunion with an explosive looking cake, and a local bar gets an incredible tiki-themed confection. Later, the Freed's team does a balancing act when UNLV orders a giant diamond cake with a mustache for their 60th anniversary.
  • Neon Museum And Roast Pig Cake

    Season 1 - February 19, 2018

    The bakery team kicks off college pigskin season with a huge roast pig cake. Then, Vegas history comes to life when the Neon Museum flips the switch on new neon signs and the moment is recreated with an electrifying cake.
  • Christmas In Vegas Cakes

    Season 1 - February 12, 2018

    Penn and Teller celebrate their Las Vegas show's 25th anniversary with a magical surprise cake. Later, the holidays are in full swing starting with a Chinese food cake made for a Jewish celebration, and a local charity gets a massive gingerbread house cake for their Christmas sing-along.
  • Titanic Cakes

    Season 1 - February 5, 2018

    Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Newton order an over-the-top dress cake for a bridal shower. Later, it's sink or swim as the bakery team at Freed's commemorates the anniversary of the Titanic's discovery by baking the largest boat cake they've ever made.


  • Blue Man Cake

    Season 1 - January 29, 2018

    The bakery team at Freed's recreates a world record out of cake for a stunt man's birthday -- but can they make a cake truck jump over a cake ghost town? Later, tension bubbles up at the bakery when the Blue Man Group requests a colorful cake for a splashy surprise at a charity event.

  • Tiger! Plaid! Instant Wedding!

    Season 1 - January 22, 2018

    The bakery is already very busy with a giant tiger cake and an incredibly complex plaid cake when they get a very last minute order for a wedding cake. Can they bake a custom wedding cake from scratch and deliver it to the Little White Chapel in just six hours?

  • Alien Baseball and Cirque Cake

    Season 1 - January 15, 2018

    The stakes are high in Vegas when Cirque du Soleil's production of KA is celebrating its 6000th performance with an epic cake and Max stresses out making sure the delivery isn't a disaster. Then it's on to a gravity-defying alien baseball mashup for the local baseball team, the Las Vegas 51s.
  • Vegas Rocks

    Season 1 - January 8, 2018

    Freed's is the best bakery in Las Vegas and every day they make celebration magic with their custom cakes. The team rocks around the clock to deliver a three-foot-long custom car, an enchanting unicorn, and an eye-popping mash up of junk food and fitness.