John Catucci is known for joking around on You Gotta Eat Here!, but ask him what he’d plan for his last meal on earth and he’s dead serious about stuffing himself — with stuffing.
“I think it would have to be like a Thanksgiving meal,” he says of his fantasy final fare.

Thanksgiving Dinner

John’s enthusiastic about the whole holiday deal — roast turkey with mashed potatoes, turnips, squash and all the trimmings. Then again, he’d happily settle for a simple pre-mortem plate of stuffing.
“Just a plate of stuffing, though – I could do that,” he says. “A stuffing sandwich, also.”

Hot Stuffing Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich

While on the topic of fantasy dinners, we also asked him to come up with a dream dinner party of six people, dead or alive. His picks are a creative bunch with John Candy, Catherine O’Hara and Mel Brooks bringing the funny, Margaret Atwood and Pierre Trudeau offering political and literary insight, and Jim Morrison playing the Doors songs John loved as a kid.

John Catucci, Jim Morrison, Pierre Trudeau, Catherine O Hara

It’s hard not to imagine this party getting raucous, starting with a hilariously heated dinner table debate and ending with a groovy dance party…and, of course, midnight stuffing snacks for all.

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