If you’ve fallen behind on planning your Thanksgiving feast, we’ve got you covered. Use this step-by-step guide with great make-ahead options from cooking expert Ricardo Larrivée to guarantee a stress-free and organized holiday meal.


Thanksgiving Menu:
Roasted Turkey with Spiced Butter
Apple-Sausage Stuffing
Slowcooker Scalloped Potatoes
Glazed Carrots
Green Salad with Buttermilk Dressing
Pumpkin Pie



1 week ahead: Prepare the buttermilk dressing.

3 days ahead: Prepare the pumpkin pie (freezes well).

2 days ahead: Prepare the turkey (step 1 in the Roast Turkey with Spiced Butter recipe). Peel the carrots and keep them in the refrigerator in cold water.

Day before: Prepare the stuffing.

Tip: Roast turkey in the oven first and then proceed to bake stuffing while the turkey rests.


Thanksgiving Day:

1:30 pm: Prepare the slow cooker scalloped potatoes.

4:00 pm: Assemble the hors-d’œuvres and green salad, then pre-heat oven for the turkey.

4:30 pm: Season and roast the turkey (steps 3-6).

6:30 pm: Take the turkey out of the oven (it needs to rest for 30 minutes). Place the apple-sausage stuffing in the oven.

6:45 pm: Cook the carrots and dress the salad.

7:00 pm: Dinner is served!

8:00 pm: Reheat the pumpkin pie (if you don’t wish to serve cold).

Tip: You can pick whatever hors d’œuvres you like, key is to make your guests participate in preparing them. There will always be someone willing to help!