Have pie, will travel. Whether it’s individual stuffing muffins or a warm pumpkin sticky toffee dessert, we’ve got eight stand-out contributions that are as portable as they are delicious to take with you to your next Thanksgiving potluck party.


1. Turkey & Sweet Leek Pie
This a great option when you’ve had multiple turkey dinners and don’t feel like lugging a 12-lb bird across town. Shredded white turkey meat combined with bacon, sage and chestnuts is topped off with a buttery, golden puff pastry crust that’s bound to be a showstopper.

2. Brussels Sprouts with Pancetta
Pan-fried salty pancetta, butter and parmesan transform this much-feared veggie into a mouth-watering side dish even the pickiest eaters will happily gobble up.

3. Warm Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Pudding with Vanilla Whipped Cream
Who needs pumpkin pie when you can have these pumpkin-flavoured sticky toffee puddings with cranberry caramel sauce and homemade vanilla-infused whipped cream?

4. Apple and Onion Stuffin’ Muffins
This carb-licious Rachel Ray recipe for individually portioned stuffing balls are jammed with breadcrumbs, celery, apples and bay leaf. The best part? Everyone gets those coveted crunchy stuffing bits.

5. Apple, Walnut & Bacon Green Salad
Thanksgiving is known for all its waistband-expanding glory, but that’s no excuse to forget about your greens. Luckily, this one has been sufficiently holiday-fied thanks to crisp sliced apples, bacon and maple caramelized walnuts for a delicious crunch that’s anything but boring. Transport dressing, salad, bacon and candied walnuts in separate containers, then simply toss altogether before serving.

6. Jamie Oliver’s Yorkshire Pudding
So you drew the short stick and got stuck with bringing bread. Dial up your culinary prowess and make these unbelievably light and fluffy Yorkshire puddings to really wow the family.

7. Frangipane Tart with Pears and Almond Crisp
An elegant take on Thanksgiving pie, this frangipane tart has an almond paste and poached pear filling with a crunchy almond topping that will be the crown on the dessert table.

8. Roasted Sweet Potato Kale Salad with Mustard Dill Vinaigrette
Roasted sweet potatoes are a must-have at any holiday dinner, but rather than mashing them with loads of butter or putting marshmallows on top, try this healthier version and nestle the roasted sweet potatoes on a bed of kale salad dressed with a tangy mustard dill vinaigrette.