5 Kitchen Skills Every Home Cook Should Learn

Are you looking for a way to step up your kitchen game? Let Guy Fieri and the Tournament of Champions Season 4 judges and contestants offer some fundamental kitchen skills for every home cook. Whatever you make, these five helpful guidelines are the formula for success. Watch the video above to learn more about these essential kitchen skills that will help you become a better home cook.


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1. Stay organized

Keep your kitchen clean and tidy so that you know where everything is. When preparing a dish, set up your ingredients and equipment before you start cooking.

2. Control your heat

Home cooks should know how to control heat, from how to get a pan hot before you begin cooking to understanding what heat does to food. Guy Fieri says you should either cook “high and fast” or “low and slow.” Anything cooked over medium heat is “mediocre.”

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3. Learn all about the egg techniques

From a simple breakfast to a romantic meal for two, eggs are one of the most versatile foods. Alex Guarnaschelli says if you can cook eggs “in a million different ways,” you can cook almost anything!

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4. Proper knife techniques

Proper knife skills are the foundation for all cooks to build upon. You should learn how to be comfortable around a knife, and how the way you cut your vegetables or proteins affects the final result.

5. Season and taste

Learning how to season a dish goes beyond adding salt at the end. A cook should be seasoning and tasting from start to finish, layering the flavours as they go.

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