Food Chats with the Battle of the Decades Guest Judges

Food Network

On Battle of the Decades, it’s a battle of the ages and iconic stars from decades past have the tough task of being the guest judges. Watch the videos below as they discuss all things food from their favourite snacks, to on-set secrets. These food chats will take you back in time and hit you with the nostalgia factor.


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Food chats with Greg Louganis

Olympic diver Greg Louganis discusses his relationship with food. In the video above he reveals his diet when training for a competition, his go-to guilty pleasure foods — one of them is cheese… and we don’t blame him. Who doesn’t love cheese?

Food chats with Jennie Garth


actress Jennie Garth spent a lot of time at the Peach Pit while filming, so she reveals her go-to Peach Pit order. As well, she shares her favourite diner dish now that she is venturing outside of the classic 90210 location, her most memorable 90s food trends and her favourite thing to snack on while filming 90210.

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Food chats with Nia Vardalos

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 

writer and star Nia Vardalos spills secrets on the infamous lamb in the front yard scene. She also shares what her favourite Greek dish is and why it is so special to her, which Greek food is most understood by Americans, as well as what nostalgic food she misses the most.

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Food chats with Taylor Dayne

Singer-songwriter Taylor Dayne has some food must-haves on her talent rider, and one of them is a vegetable platter. She also shares what a typical dinner looks like in her house, what she misses most about the 80s and the advice she would give to herself in that decade.

Food chats with Wayne Knight

Popular 90s show Seinfeld has some infamous foodie locations and moments, which actor Wayne Knight knows all too well. He remembers that in almost any scene that takes place in Jerry’s apartment… someone is always eating, because as he says “eating is life”. Wayne also shares his classic go-to diner order and what he REALLY thinks of broccoli (as opposed to his character Newman who hates it).