Our Favourite Ramen Restaurants in Vancouver


When you think of cozy cooking — what comes to mind? Perhaps it’s grilled cheese sandwiches and soup or something more unconventional like baklava French toast. For us, our favourite cozy meal has to be ramen. This delicious noodle dish is packed with tons of umami flavours and makes for the perfect meal to enjoy on a rainy day. Fittingly, Vancouver has some of the best ramen restaurants anywhere in Canada. Vancouver is lucky to have a ton of culinary influence from East Asian countries like Japan, South Korea and China. If you’re a big fan of ramen like us, read on to learn more about our favourite ramen restaurants in Vancouver.


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Ramen Danbo

Address: 1333 Robson St., Vancouver, BC

Ramen Danbo has to be one of the most popular ramen spots in Vancouver — and for good reason. Their extensive selection of ramen variations are so delicious and stay true to the traditions. Fans of this spot love the curry Tonkatsu ramen which is a beautiful blend of creamy broth and spices.


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Ramen Gojiro

Address: 501 Dunsmuir St., Vancouver, BC

Ramen Gojiro absolutely knocks it out of the park when it comes to making a delicious classic bowl of ramen. To sweeten the deal, you can get a side of crispy and flavourful karaage to pair with your ramen — who wouldn’t want that?! We recommend the spicy bakamori ramen with a side karaage.

Hokkaido Ramen

Address: 1690 Robson St., Vancouver, BC

Revered as a local favourite, this ramen restaurant has attracted tons of ramen enthusiasts living in Vancouver or just passing through. Their ramen bowls are absolutely delicious and definitely pack a punch.


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Kingyo Izakaya

Address: 871 Denman St., Vancouver, BC

Are you ready for your mouth to water? This delicious ramen shop has caught our eye for quite some time now. We absolutely love their spicy miso shrimp ramen, and for a unique experience order the stone grilled wagyu beef (it’s actually grilled on a stone!).

Kokoro Tokyo Mazesoba

Address: 551 Seymour St., Vancouver, BC

Dubbed the world’s largest Mazesoba chain, this ramen shop has been making waves in Vancouver and locals are absolutely loving it. We recommend trying their brothless ramen — a unique take on ramen and definitely worth the try.

Maruhachi Ramen

Address: 780 Bidwell St., Vancouver, BC

If you’re looking for a lighter version of ramen, Maruhachi is your best bet. Their delicious rendition of a classic ramen broth opts for chicken brother instead of pork or beef making for a very cozy meal that’s just a touch lighter.

Taishokan Ramen

Address: 515 Abbott St., Vancouver, BC

Looking for delicious class ramen bowl — or something with a kick? Taishokan ramen has you covered. Our favourite dish has to be the spicy miso ramen, and when we’re in the mood for a classic, the Tonkatsu ramen is just as good.


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Address: 869 Hornby St., Vancouver, BC

If you’re looking for a ramen restaurant that combines the flavours of Japan with local ingredients, Zubu is should be your number one pick. This delicious ramen restaurant is a step above — offering a delicious selection of ramen including a ramen flight featuring a classic Shio, chicken ramen and more!

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