See Which Restaurants Made Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023

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St. Lawrence

It’s official: Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023 was just published, and there’s never been a better time to eat your way across the country. Curated by a team of 135 judges and led by Editor-in-Chief Jacob Richler, the list aims to provide Canadians with an accessible guide to the country’s top dining destinations. “For the first time since 2019, the restaurants [the judges] ate at were operating at full stride, firing on all cylinders, their momentum uninterrupted,” says Jacob. “This list reflects that. Our new number one restaurant Mon Lapin is helming a delicious way forward in Montreal’s gastronomy. It’s a great time to be dining out in Canada.”


Read on for everything to know about Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023.

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Which restaurants made the top 10 of Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023?

The restaurants in the top 10 this year are:

  1. Mon Lapin — Montreal, QC
  2. Alo — Toronto, ON
  3. Published on Main — Vancouver, BC
  4. Edulis — Toronto, ON
  5. The Restaurant at Pearl Morissette — Jordan Station, ON
  6. St. Lawrence — Vancouver, BC
  7. Langdon Hall — Cambridge, ON
  8. Beba — Verdun, QC
  9. AnnaLena — Vancouver, BC
  10. Kissa Tanto — Vancouver, BC

Are there any new restaurants on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023?

There are 25 new restaurants on the list, and Canada’s 100 Best has also ranked their top 10 best new restaurants:

  1. Prime Seafood Palace — Toronto, ON
  2. Cabaret l’Enfer — Montreal, QC
  3. Portage — St. John’s, NL
  4. Wild Blue — Whistler, BC
  5. Café Lunette — Halifax, NS
  6. Lupo — Banff, AB
  7. Fawn — Halifax, NS
  8. Sunnys Chinese — Toronto, ON
  9. Peacock — Halifax, NS
  10. The Royal Hotel — Picton, ON
St. Lawrence Daube de joue de porc

St. Lawrence

Did any restaurants win any special awards?

Along with their 100 best list, Canada’s 100 Best also awards individual restaurants for outstanding achievements:

  • Best New Restaurant: Prime Seafood Palace, Toronto, ON
  • Best Sommelier: Véronique Dalle, Foxy, Montreal, QC
  • Best Pastry Chef: Kenta Takahashi, Boulevard, Vancouver, BC
  • Best Restaurant Bar: Major Tom, Calgary, AB
  • Best Destination Restaurant: Restaurant Pearl Morissette, Jordan Station, ON
  • Best New Restaurant Design: Giannone Petricone Associates for The Royal Hotel, Picton, ON
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    Which cities have the most restaurants on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023?

    Vancouver has the most restaurants in the top 10 this year with four restaurants, Toronto has most restaurants in the top 20 with seven restaurants and Montreal has the most restaurants on in the top 100 with 27 restaurants.

    Are any Canadian destinations new to Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023?

    New to the list this year is Austin, a small town of 2,000 people in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, now home to farm-to-table restaurant Parcelles, debuting at 80 on the list. Banff has also made its debut on the list this year, with Justin Leboe’s Lupo ranked at 95.

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    Where can I see the full list of restaurants included on Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants List 2023?

    The full list is available at and on magazine newsstands.

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