10 Festive Veal Dishes to Prepare Any Time of Year

The holidays are quickly approaching and for many of us, that means busting out our beloved family recipes, hosting dinner parties with good eats, and showing those we love just how much we care about them through a special meal. If you ask us, there’s nothing more special or show-stopping than a veal dish. Ontario veal farmers offer the tender, naturally lean protein in grocery stores across the province, giving hosts everywhere the perfect ingredient to impress with.

Veal takes on whatever flavours you pair it with, which makes many veal cuts an excellent base for traditional recipes. Think veal scaloppini, veal marsala or even a veal sandwich. In short, reach for Ontario veal if you want to transform any meal into a memorable experience. Need some inspiration? We’ve got ten flavourful veal dishes to prepare any time of the year.