Perfect Weekend Grilling Recipes With Fire Masters

The cast of Fire Masters knows their way around a BBQ. This is why we’re exited to share some of these delicious recipes with you. From smoked potato salad to how to make a barbecue-inspired charcuterie board, to smoking your own meat, read on and watch the videos for the only BBQ inspiration you’ll need.


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Smoked Potato Salad

Dylan Benoit’s easy to make and hearty smoked potato salad is a side dish that can rival the best mains during BBQ season.


Bevvys on the BBQ

Grilled fruit in the summer? Yes, please. The char lets out all the sweetness of stone fruits and seasonal favourites like pineapple and watermelon that are perfect for homemade cocktails.

Quick Charred Pickles

Pickled veggies and BBQ, a classic pairing we can’t eat enough of. Learn how to make these tangy sides at home with this video.


Low and Slow Brisket

Brisket the low and slow way, is the only way – according to master pitmasters and the cast of Fire Masters. We promise, the wait is worth it!



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