How to Peel a Kiwi the Right Way


Have you ever thought, “how do you peel a kiwi?”. You’re not alone! There are about six million other home cooks on Google wondering the same. Fear not, peeling a kiwi is actually quite simple and you only need two utensils. This two-step process eliminates the messy countertops and saves you tons of time when making those delicious summer salads or fruity desserts. So if you’re ready to learn how to peel a kiwi, follow the steps below.


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Step One: Cut the Ends of the Kiwi

With a pairing knife, carefully cut the ends of the kiwi. Use the leftover kiwi ends in a sparkling water or fruit smoothie.

Step Two: Glide the Spoon Through the Kiwi

With a large spoon, glide the inner shell of the skin in a circular motion until all sides of the kiwi have detached from the skin. Discard the remaining kiwi skin and enjoy your freshly peeled kiwi.